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BMW F800 GS, test (highway driving and passenger)
BMW F800 GS, test (highway driving and passenger)

Yesterday we saw what it is like to roll through the urban area and the roads adjacent to the city with this BMW F800 GS and today we will start the march towards wider places in which we do not see high towers of flats or crowds of vehicles anywhere. We prepare the backpack with the various gear that we will need for the journey, we dress as a bullfighter and we leave for the southwest very early in the hope of not getting too hot. Illusive of me.

It is in these moments that you realize how well a pretty game would do suitcases what BMW offers option to mitigate the absence of slides. Even with a backpack and an octopus, long trips would be much more comfortable since you don't have to carry anything on your back or in your pockets, but raise your hand if you have not made a motorcycle trip without suitcases, loaded to the brim and said to the others "well I could continue another 200 kilometers, I am not tired", even if it was made broth.

BMW F800 GS: to infinity and beyond


The first stop is just 500 meters from home to fill up on gas. With 16 liters of useful capacity in the tank and an average consumption that was around 4, 5 or 4, 8 liters per autonomy exceeds with ease the 300 kilometers if you don't overdo it with your joy on the throttle. Quite peace of mind when it comes to getting at the controls of the motorcycle and not wanting to stop. Also if you do one of starting and not stopping, a la Forrest Gump, you go from town on your trip arriving to a place of little civilization, this BMW can work even with 91 octane gasoline, so it's a big point in his favor in the face of that biker-adventurer who goes to the ends of the world where the quality of dinosaur juice is not as good as it is here.

We set out on asphalt highways in good condition (except for a few stretches of low maintenance) and traveling at a constant speed with the well protected what are you going at the controls of the F800 GS tiredness barely makes a dent. It is also convenient to change position since its wide seat allows it and there is plenty of space so that our buttocks do not suffer.

The suspensions digest bathtubs and expansion joints like nothing else and the engine is a good one, of those who do their job so well that it doesn't seem like it's there. When we need to accelerate to overtake we have it and when we want to do kilometers without any further concern, it almost disappears due to the low noise level and the absence of jerks.


The only disturbance riding the Bavarian after 250 kilometers it was the scorching heat. The instrument panel already showed 42 degrees at noon and the air that we were flying seemed as if we were going directly towards the king star instead of crossing the roads of La Mancha, so we are going to make a stop on the road to regain strength and refuel again that our tank is running out almost without realizing it, but we are already lost in the middle of the South Sub-plateau.

Once rested in my father's town and well hydrated, let's see how he defends himself in the unpaved sections. With a set of suspensions that, by tightening the pace on the curved road, can seem soft, it becomes the best ally when there are potholes, sand, stones and unevenness typical of offroad.

There is no denying the evidence that with all full facts is a motorcycle that goes around 230 kilograms On the scale, and with so much weight, you can't get on trialas but you can do a long offroad route with the guarantee of knowing that the F800 GS will be solvent as long as the terrain is not overly complicated.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the test I would have liked to test the bike with some more off-road tires because almost certainly the Pirelli Scorpion are guilty of quite a few of the limitations of this BMW in the dirt areas. Especially if you still have the traction control connected, because as soon as the rear tire starts to lose grip the control unit cuts and you lose speed so climb slopes with this configuration a calvary.

Disconnecting as he ABS As the ASC the behavior of the motorcycle changes radically to become a delight with which to ply the dirt tracks. The twin-cylinder pushes very hard And it has a very high traction only limited with the tires of excessive asphalt cut. The homogeneity with which it delivers power on the road turns into rage when you look for it, the tickling and skidding is seen regularly but without scaring the least.

Do not forget the size and weight of the Bavarian, so we have to bear in mind that going too fast to a corner can become a very serious problem. Stopping an enduro motorcycle in such a case is not complicated, but the inertia of this motorcycle is much higher so it is better to leave a safety margin. I don't feel like dropping any motorcycle on the ground, but when it is much larger than my size, I prefer it to keep its verticality. If we don't get into eleven-rod shirts defends itself more than worthily and we can go jumping from one town to another without stepping on an inch of asphalt. It's so much more fun!

BMW F800 GS: cozy for two


The passenger will always be welcome in this BMW F800 GS, the length and width seat corrido offers a very generous spaceIt has multiple grip points when carrying the pre-installation of the suitcases and the footpegs are covered with rubber in addition to being quite low and giving a comfortable position. Some vibrations They arrive due to how far the second place is, but they are not excessively annoying unless our partner is a complainer.

Two negative points yes we have found to travel back for a long time: one is the escape that being located so high and being so voluminous gives off some of hot for the companion (write this down, which may be an argument to justify the extra cost of the Akrapovick to the relative), and the second is that since it is a seat so long and inclined in its central part it remains too much space between driver and passenger, leaving a lot of room to create turbulence that can make those who come with us uncomfortable.

On Friday we will go on to assess how the days have been on this BMW F800 GS and we will submit it to an examination and if it is a motorcycle that is worthwhile.

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