Superbikes Russia 2012: Marco Melandri leading, Max Biaggi zero
Superbikes Russia 2012: Marco Melandri leading, Max Biaggi zero

Marco Melandri today has put land in between and leads the championship with 18, 5 points ahead of Max Biaggi. The Italian, allied with a beast of Bavarian origin, has brought out the best of himself to avoid a green weekend after the victories of Kenan Sofuoglu and Tom sykes. This was second, while third place fell, rebound, in the hands of Chaz davies, taking his Aprilia satellite once again to the SBK podium.

If the last lap of the MotoGP race deserves the adjective of "historic" and other paraphernalia from our commentators, the second test of the serial derivatives in Moscow would have caused more than one heart attack. And it is that here, in Superbikes, the show is not a privilege reserved for official pilots, but rather a deeply rooted right in its participants.

At the exit Tom positioned the Kawasaki perfectly to get to the first corners in the lead, with Eugene Laverty, the BMW’s and Davide Giugliano at the rear Pirelli. Somewhat further behind were Jonathan Rea, Max Biaggi and Carlos Checa. However, the only rider capable of running the Honda CBR1000RR went long, giving up his position to the Pirate, taking advantage of the momentum also to catch up and overtake Davide.

In front, Marco went on the attack and became the owner of the second position. Eugene, far from giving his arm to twist, returned the ax, causing both of them to go a few inches off the line and, thus, opening the door to Haslam. Sykes, to his ball, distanced himself, BMW and Aprilia battled from second to fifth place until MaxIn his first error, he braked too late at the end of the straight, just before the finish line, remaining close to Checa's position.

And then came the second error of the Roman. On the straight, trying to regain the lost positions in favor of Rea, he gave gas unceremoniously going like a MotoGP to a CRT to the lower Honda but arriving very past the curve. Your precipitation, sadly, ended up colliding with Leon Haslam, who was about to face the apex before the goal. Result: Max and Haslam with zero points, apart from the bad taste in the mouth.

But this was not the only scare of the day. Chaz Davies appeared from behind, climbing positions. He first caught up with Giugliano, then advanced to Checa, passed him by pure power and headed for # 65. There he went long, giving Checa his position. In the lead, Marco gave free rein to his good work when he learned that Max had fallen and said goodbye to the Kawasaki rider. Melandri was first, Sykes second, Laverty third and Rea fourth.

There was only one turn left when Eugene and Rea engaged in a spectacular battle which took place during several corners of the Moscow Raceway, both inside and outside the lines. With just a few yards to go, Laverty, who was right in front of Johnny, he scored a spectacular highside and ten Kate's could not dodge it. Nearby, Checa avoided the crash but let Chaz take third place. Melandri passed by, euphoric, followed by Sykes.

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