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BMW F800 GS, test (city and highway driving)
BMW F800 GS, test (city and highway driving)

After yesterday seeing the peculiarities of this BMW F800 GS and the most important novelties that it incorporates in its restyling for 2013 Today we will get on this new generation trail for the first time. The appearance, apart from being incontestably BMW (with the exception of that multistradic fender), is far from the old trail and has a plant that just looking at it makes you want to get on above and do kilometers discovering the most hidden roads and towns.

Its long legs give it a considerable wingspan and the spoke rims they suit him wonderfully, and although Pirelli scorpion Riding as standard they go very well on the road and have sensational performance, I like it better with more off-road tires for forays into unpaved areas. The first impression when he had to put his leg on him was a "uf, I'm going to need a scaffolding", but since the love for motorcycles can, like almost everyone around here, I knew how to overcome this minor setback, so I got into trouble.

BMW F800 GS: robustness, determination, ease


Before starting it off and finishing adjusting all the clothing, I scooted to the right to remove the kickstand, and when I leaned back on my left foot (each one's hobbies) I realized that the ground clearance is brutal and that the seat is really comfortable and soft. That typical and instinctive movement on motorcycles of a more Mediterranean size seemed like a gymkhana on this one. BMW F800 GS.

Then I started to turn the ignition, did the injection check, and after pressing the start button the twin starts moving with ease and a sweet hum. The sonority of the two cylinders in line is really low And it does not bother at any time, on the contrary, when you are going it seems that you are riding on an electric car due to the linearity with which it pushes and the few decibels that come out through the exhaust pipe. By the way, I would gladly change the exhaust for the Akrapovick from the catalog, much less bulky and lighter.

The 85 horses The German engine yields more than enough for the purpose for which it is intended and, in addition to being solvent from 3,000 to 8,000 laps, the sweetness it offers makes you feel the same tranquility as when you are sitting on your sofa at home and waiting that the remote control changes the channel. Easy.


That is precisely the impression I received of the whole, that of a sofa, and not because its behavior was lazy, but because of the position which is adopted at their controls. The legs little left flexed and forward with the femur practically horizontal and the stirrup leaving the foot in front of the vertical of the trunk. Hands reach forward and grasp the wide handlebar with the back fully erect. The result is a posture, a bit forced for my height, but very comfortable.

The quality of the materials employees is inherently BMW and it is a pleasure to be groping it everywhere. It seems that the Germans like to make their customers feel honored and even the handlebar risers give off quality, without forgetting the practice and redesigned pineapple knobs which is made of a plastic that I don't think will age just like that with the passage of time.

BMW F800 GS: Viking power


When you start to roll with her you notice the propellant smoothness From the first moment, the gentleness with which it comes out from standstill and you start the march is typical of a scooter, you could practically avoid many gear changes because the staggering is quite longShe is a traveler after all.

The clutch It is a traditional multi-disc mechanically actuated by a cable but the feel is soft and the velvety performance. It is difficult to notice the fatigue in the left hand that you accuse on other motorcycles by stopping the motorcycle from traffic light to traffic light. Those of us who have been Ducatists are recognized by an oversized left forearm.

The feeling of comfort floods every moment aboard this F800 GS. It is a motorcycle with a clear purpose and at BMW they know how to take care of ergonomics more than at any other brand. Some things may seem trivial like putting rubber on all the footrests, both pilot and passenger, but there are others in which it shows that they have worked. Those of us who come from offroad we know the importance of type and hardness of material used in the fists, and those who have used to finish the high handlebar of the little GS is the optimum, in addition to being heated (not standard).


Obviously, performing the almost 1000 kilometers of test between the provinces of Madrid and Toledo under one of the fearsome heat waves Summer with temperatures close to 45 degrees I did not test the heating of the grips, but what I could verify is that it is not a motorbike at all hot. The open fibers evacuate heat very effectively and nothing will stop the pilot.

The thing that made me sweat the most with her were the photos in full sun at noon, so you can use in town as a scooter. You just have to take into account the general volume of the motorcycle, especially if you want to put suitcases (I recommend it, it also has the pre-installation done). With a little care and being aware of what you are wearing you can go rowing between the cars placidly without the danger of breaking any mirror, as the handlebar passes easily over the top. Unless the opponent is a van.


Tomorrow we will go for a long walk, that if you do not take this German on a trip she will get angry. Are you coming? Sorry, but we are not going to see Borja's Ecce Homo eccehomo., BMW F800 GS, test (highway driving and passenger)

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