MotoGP Czech Republic 2012: Dani Pedrosa wins race of the year in an intense fight with Jorge Lorenzo
MotoGP Czech Republic 2012: Dani Pedrosa wins race of the year in an intense fight with Jorge Lorenzo

Finally! Many times we complain about the boring races that are seen in MotoGPWell, today we witnessed an impressive and beautiful fight between the two strongest drivers on the grid. Today it has been the queen category, and we have enjoyed a duel of the titans from beginning to end. I am not exaggerating much if I say that it was the race of the year in the category. And all this because Jorge Lorenzo and Dani pedrosa They have given us a melee that will make us remember this appointment of Brno for a long time. Finally, the duel has been won in a last round of heart attack by Dani Pedrosa, so that later they say that the boy does not know how to fight hand to hand.

In any case, both have been magnificent, and both have deserved to win, although honestly Thanks to this result the general classification is tightened more, and the six remaining races are tremendous. Now there are thirteen points that separate these beasts, who have been accompanied on the podium by Cal Crutchlow, that he is really happy about his renewal with the Tech3 and to celebrate it, he managed to climb the drawer in MotoGP for the first time. And now let's get fully into this intense fight …

The traffic light went out and from the first second the two great protagonists were already leading the race. First Lorenzo and second Dani Pedrosa, followed by Crutchlow, Ben Spies, Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso. Dovi overtook Rossi while Spies began to lose positions with mechanical problems, probably with the clutch. For his part, Valentino was releasing a significant smoke when he cut, but despite the general alarm that jumped among the Telecinco commentators, everything seemed to indicate that it was an excess of oil. This is how the first laps passed with Jorge and Dani already escaped.

Cal crutchlow

The two colossi already marked differences, with Lorenzo first and Pedrosa breathing on his neck without trying anything, but looking relatively comfortable, and I say relatively because the pace was at all times very fast with both running at 1'56 throughout the race. Spies was trying to gain positions from behind, with his problem solved or at least mitigated, but we already know that this is not his year, and he ended up on the floor with fourteen laps to go. For his part, Crutchlow seemed to keep his teammate Dovizioso at bay, while Valentino lost positions first with Stefan bradl and then with Álvaro Bautista.

The equator of the race was coming and Neither Lorenzo distanced himself from Pedrosa, nor did Dani himself seem to be able to overtake him and leave, among other things because the rhythm was still very strong. We already know how I told you that the second part of the race is where Jorge usually grows up, but we already sensed in the atmosphere that today was a different show. A) Yes, With eleven laps to go Pedrosa overtakes Jorge, the first time in the whole race and he starts to set the pace. It is true that sometimes it seemed that Lorenzo had a harder time going behind Dani than vice versa, but a few seconds later he was already brushing the tail of Dani's Honda with his Yamaha. Neither could Pedrosa leave, nor did the Mallorcan try to overtake him again, and the laps were passing …

Passing until suddenly we reached the last lap with Dani ahead of Jorge, but both very close and of course ready to win today. Needless to say, today's race was very important to see the course of the championship: if Lorenzo won he would get to 23 points, while if he did Pedrosa he would stay at 13. Ten points of difference that will obviously influence the championship. And things as they are It has been one of the best last lap that we have experienced a long time ago, with neither of us keeping anything. We all knew Jorge would try, but the almost impossible overtaking he made of Dani made me stand up and scream like crazy. Now it was Jorge who was going first, and he was also seen to speed up the braking to almost impossible limits. But Pedrosa was not going to give up, so in the last 'S' of the circuit he gets inside on the good side. There Jorge also decides to play everything for everything, and lengthens the braking, gaining the position momentarily on the outside, but of course, he came out very open, so at the next corner it was Dani who was on the outside but with the correct line. Thus he closed the road and sealed a very important victory for all that it entails. It is not easy to beat Jorge in a heads up, and Dani had to do his best race in MotoGP to beat him. They are both very big! What a show!

Stefan bradl

As I said before, the exultant Crutchlow was the pilot who completed the podium. Behind came Dovizioso in fourth position, Bradl in an excellent fifth place (what season is he doing) and Bautista in sixth. By the way The latest rumors suggest that Álvaro's Honda may have a surprise suitor, since it seems they have tempted Spies so that he stays in MotoGP in the team of my namesake Gresini. Continuing with today's race Rossi was finally seventh ahead of the first CRT, that of the French Randy De Puniet, which has been eighth. Ninth has been in a bad race before his public Karel Abraham and tenth has ended Aleix Espargaró.

We already know very well then the new panorama of the general classification. Jorge Lorenzo continues to command, now with 245 points and just thirteen ahead of Dani Pedrosa. Third is almost out of options Casey Stoner, with 186 points. Fourth is Andrea Dovizioso with 150 and fifth his partner Cal Crutchlow with 122.

What better way then to close this Sunday of intense racing. The truth is that in the three categories there has been a lot of emotion and they have been contested until the end, but the climax of MotoGP has been too much for our little hearts. I have to admit that I am happy with Dani Pedrosa's victory, because thanks to her We are presented with six final races that will be a real madness. Both are in the strongest moment of their sporting life, and both are willing to give their skin to be the 2012 world champion. I can feel the emotion. By the way, I will never understand the absurd fanaticisms, because what we have to do is enjoy pilots like these, and although we each have our favorites, Today there is only one name: Motorcycling. Let's just enjoy this beautiful sport.

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