Yamaha XS 400 Moto Hangar: a utility with a lot of style
Yamaha XS 400 Moto Hangar: a utility with a lot of style

More and more I realize that specialization and mental policy shifts is where the future lies. There is no use putting more hours than a watch on a job to get a mileurista salary if you do not enjoy what you do or have time to do the things you like later. The boys of Motorcycle Hangar you can see that they enjoy what they do, they are not a simple repair shop, although they also offer those services.

Beyond being a workshop for changing filters and mounting wheels, they are dedicated to giving a specialized and individualized service in Virginia (USA) to their clients including preparation, customization and restoration services of their machines, and from time to time they allow themselves the whim of creating jewels how are you Yamaha XS 400, with a style Cafe racer precious. This little twin is a true 1977 candy that you could go to work with every day happier than the flowers in April.

Yamaha Moto Hangar

Continuing with the idea that less is more, it is clear that authentic virguerias can be done with imagination, a 1977 Yamaha XS400 and fewer resources than it may seem. The headlight is an old car fog lamp from the fifties that these kids have given a new and splendid rebirth, because it fits like a glove on the aesthetics of the motorcycle.

For the rest, the tail, seat, and rear light form a spectacular almost handmade set, and although it seems like a simple motorcycle to leave like that, do not be fooled, the affection what do they put on it to every detail Surely it exceeds the hours of work that any of us put in throughout the week. But, is it true that when you do it in something you like and the result makes others see that you put all your passion into it, the reversed sweat looks different? As they say: scabies with pleasure does not itch.

At the end of the post I leave you a video where you can see and hear it in motion. What I don't like about these neo-modern Americans is that they are never well equipped on motorcycles, what a mania!

Yamaha Moto Hangar Yamaha Moto Hangar

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