The killing season, motorcycles and skateboarding in Vietnam
The killing season, motorcycles and skateboarding in Vietnam

Today we go back to vietnam, and we return to see a video that reminds us of others Vietnam motorcycle tours videos. We could even say that it is very directly influenced by that episode of Top Gear in which the three presenters of the program travel the country on a Minsk, a Vespa and a Honda Cub. None of the three presenters appear in this video, but a Minsk reappears and we can enjoy the amazing landscapes of Vietnam.

A tour of almost 2,000 km going north to south from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min City on motorcycles driven by a group of skaters who do not seem the most prepared in the world to make such a trip. Because in addition to the skateboard, they don't seem to carry much more luggage on the motorcycles. And when the monsoon rains come, they start to suffer the consequences of rolling many kilometers in the rain, rolling down creepy roads in which the only traffic rule that exists is to be careful or you will have an accident.

And even with all the care in the world, one of them suffers an accident, which results in a few bruises and the motorcycle damaged, which is quickly repaired by a group of Vietnamese countrymen. Of course, the goal of riding with motorcycles and in the stops to mark some acrobatics in skate they fulfill it to spare. It almost seems to me that they have more falls with skates than with motorcycles. Although the first ones do not seem to affect them as much as the motorcycle ones.

Skateboarder Magazine - 'The Killing Season' from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

From the video I stay with what one of the participants says at the end, that when you return to the first world you realize how many superfluous things we have and with what little people are capable of surviving. In return, in this first world you have much more security, because the scene of the animals on the road is like landing on the ground and stopping driving. Another thing that I loved is the quality of the image and the landscapes, which look like a postcard, very good work from Patrick Wallner. I think that it is necessary to aim, right next to the visit to the Isle of Man, to make a trip of these through Vietnam in a Minsk so as not to clash.

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