The invisible helmet; maybe a near reality
The invisible helmet; maybe a near reality

Can you imagine being able to ride our motorcycles without a helmet but safely? Well, what seems almost science fiction is closer to becoming a reality sooner than we think. As you will be able to verify in the video that I show you below, although it is experimental and in this case the study for bicycles has been carried out, the idea for head protection is fantastic and we will also be able to observe the operation of one of its prototypes.

Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are the two responsible for the invention. After have to listen many times what I wanted to do was impossible Since in 2005 they began to develop the idea and study patterns of falls on a bicycle, as you can see it seems that they have succeeded.

I agree that this device as we see it in the video seems too fragile to be used on a motorcycle but I won't be the one to say again that it is impossible to make an invisible helmet for motorcycles. I imagine that if its operation is effective in bicycles, a redesign for mopeds or even motorcycles could be studied.

And what do you think of the idea?

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