Casey Stoner leaves Brno for surgery (Update)
Casey Stoner leaves Brno for surgery (Update)

In a brief statement Repsol informs us that the current defender of the MotoGP World Champion title, Casey stoner, will abandon this afternoon the Czech Republic where he was willing to run this weekend to get operated right ankle in Australia. The decision comes from the recommendation of the championship doctors, who have informed Stoner that the best operation would be to intervene on the ankle for better recovery and avoid future sequelae.

The Indianapolis Grand Prix is ​​giving the kangaroo a headache, and something else. According to the mother of Casey Stoner On Twitter it is about a ligament tear and a bone fracture, the astragalus, to which very little blood supply reaches and is very porous, so takes a long time to weld and it is better to operate it as soon as possible so that it looks good. Max Biaggi suffered the same breakdown and took six months to recover, but in the writing team we asked ourselves, Why are doctors in Indianapolis letting him run and now recommending surgery?. And has this been a medical recommendation or is it as excluded by the medical team for running in Brno?

At 15:30 Today, Thursday, August 23, Casey Stoner will offer a Press conference where he will give more information about the decision and the procedure to be followed. Hopefully it is a minor intervention and that he recovers soon.

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