The Vespa of Mooneyes
The Vespa of Mooneyes

For more than 50 years when Mooneyes was created in Santa Fe Springs, California in the garage of his parents' cafeteria, two have been his main characteristics to recognize any of his work. The first of them without a doubt is its logo with those two big eyes and the other its "garish" yellow color. But not only Mooneyes are preparations or customizations of motorcycles or cars, it also has countless pieces to give a Mooneyes touch to any device with wheels.

The fact is that walking through the GP de la Bañeza the previous weekend I found a beautiful Vespa in one of its streets.

Vespa Moon

The Mooneyes preparation was evident, but I do not know if the motorcycle was owned by a private person or had been brought directly by the Mooneyes dealer in Spain. Simply I just enjoyed it observing every detail and photographing it for you.

At first glance, three of its most attractive components suggest that this Vespa has to be a real shot. That anti-torsion bar so that the chassis does not twist and give more rigidity to the whole, that tremendous open-air carburettor to breathe the more the better and that external tank so typical of mooneyes they made everyone who passed her gaze at her for a while.

Vespa Mooneyes carburettor

Other typical Mooneyes pieces that you can buy in your store are, for example, that characteristic butterfly on one of the side scales. Now the front has to go too in line with the whole, and in this case an impressive pailoli suspension together with new caliper, disc and master cylinder to stop the Vespa with guarantees, stand out when looking at it from the front.

Vespa Mooneyes front wheel

As i tell you I don't have much more data that you can see by studying the photos and I have not been able to locate it on the net either. Although there are many Vespas in the world that have customizations with Mooneyes parts, I have not located any like this.

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