Is Dorna Valentino Rossi's friend or her own friend?
Is Dorna Valentino Rossi's friend or her own friend?

When Carmelo Ezpeleta He said a few months ago that Valentino Rossi would have a competitive motorcycle in 2013, a good part of the fans were scandalized by the words of the CEO of Dorna. Many even pointed to him as the black hand behind the millionaire contracts that the Italian pilot manages. But few were cold-blooded enough to analyze what was really going on. On August 6, they published an interesting article on Motomatters that provides a new point of view about what has happened behind the scenes this season and that I am going to try to transfer you here.

The article is quite extensive and first analyzes the situation of Valentino Rossi in these last two seasons within Ducati. It also analyzes and points out the strengths and weaknesses of the MotoGP team. Something that I highly recommend that you read, even if it is using the Google translator. The part that interests us introduces us to Carmelo Ezpeleta and Dorna as main actors in the issue of Rossi's signing by Yamaha But what leads the company that manages the image rights of the MotoGP World Championship to get involved in such a signing?

Ducati Corse Box, Indianapolis 2012

The answer is simple, with Valentino Rossi out of the top spots in the Dorna category. TV audiences were beginning a dangerous decline. And since Dorna lives off those rights, she was the first interested in making the hearings go up. After reading this surely there are many who say that Valentino Rossi is no longer so interesting for television. That may be the case, but if it were, I don't think Dorna would have cared so much about the Italian rider.

Perhaps the explanation that eluded some of us is that Valentino is to MotoGP the same as Tiger Woods in golf or Bjorn Borg in tennis. They are all athletes who, although you may not be interested in the sport they practice in the least, if you see them on television, you stop to watch for a while what they are doing. And this "occasional" audience is much larger than the audience of amateur "experts" who watch the races because they like them. Run who runs they end up sitting in front of the television and their life orbits around these competitions. These people do not fail, but the final number of the audience drops a lot if there is not a media star in the top positions.

One option is to get local stars that are able to attract those occasional viewers. But with the Spanish dominance of the World Cup In general, and with how difficult it is to get a competitive motorcycle in MotoGP for a rider from each country in which television rights are sold, the solution is simple. Let's do everything possible so that the most media rider feels on a winning motorcycle again and stops challenges.

Valentino Rossi, Laguna Seca 2012

Dorna's other option is that the regulations help more when it comes to equalizing the mechanics and that this makes the races more entertaining. Something that has already happened with Moto2 and Moto3, but that in MotoGP is getting complicated because the big brands have invested a lot of money in creating the current 1,000 cc prototypes. So the bet has to be made in the future so that no one feels discriminated against or is left with the feeling that their investment has gone down the drain. So Dorna's plan is close to perfection.

With Valentino Rossi at Yamaha they ensure at least two more years of entertainment because they have the certainty that the Italian rider will be back in front offering a show. Meanwhile Dorna has two seasons to negotiate with the brands, mainly Honda, Yamaha and Ducati, so that they accept a regulation that imposes the single control unit, rpm limitation and limitation of electronic aids. Even Suzuki and BMW could be waiting for that new regulation before continuing with the development of CRTs and their electronics. Something that has been shown to be too complicated.

This way everyone seems to win. On the one hand, Yamaha wins a rider who, together with Jorge Lorenzo, may be the brand's safest bet in a long time to secure the World Championship in 2013. Valentino Rossi can take advantage of the good results to “cover” these two unfortunate seasons at Ducati. Ducati can take advantage of it to return to its original philosophy of a small factory that competes against the Asian giants with its own philosophy. On the other hand, if Andrea Dovizioso does not succeed, the explanation will continue to be that no one except Casey Stoner is capable of taming the Ducati and if he succeeds it will show that he has been able to do better than Valentino Rossi, the MotoGP star. TORisking a little the result can be spectacular for Andrea.

Valentino Rossi, Indianapolis 2012

But who most wins with all this is Dorna, which has us entertained for at least two seasons. They can continue to sell television rights at a good price and meanwhile have room for maneuver to continue negotiating the new regulation of a premier category that is slowly languishing. Although the end of this whole story will only be known when the 2015 season of the MotoGP World Championship begins. If all goes well, we will see a grid with five or six brands of motorcycles (or engines) with sufficiently matched material to guarantee the show. Maybe in that season we will no longer see Valentino Rossi on the grid, but with the quarry that is being carved at the moment, they may find another diamond like the Italian one to shine in motorcycling in the twenties of the 21st century. We will have to be patient.

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