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The aftermath of the accidents of Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden and Héctor Faubel
The aftermath of the accidents of Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden and Héctor Faubel

Because your heart has just shrunk a little at the sight of How has Casey Stoner feet? after his crash at the Indianapolis Grand Prix. Last night the Australian published this photo on his twitter account and today we have learned that the extent of the injuries is not yet known and his trusted doctors are analyzing the MRI data in Australia.

Casey Stoner has had words of thanks to the doctors that they treated him in the United States and that they encouraged him to get back on the motorcycle, so we can read it in his statements:

His presence in Brno for the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic At first not in danger but he knows it won't be an easy weekend because unlike Indianapolis, Brno has quite a few right-hand corners and changes of direction, which hurt his ankle injury.

Nicky Hayden's hand:

Nicky hayden

Secondly, Nicky hayden He did the same by hanging a photo of the state of his right hand in which he commented that it had probably been the best thing not to run in Indianapolis seeing the state it presented, with a strong swelling.

He will not be in Brno and neither will Ducati have any driver to replace him. They have decided that it is best for you to recover as your broken bones could dislodge and make the situation worse. In addition, being the hand of the accelerator and the brake the piloting becomes very complicated and dangerous.

Hector Faubel's bruises:

Hector faubel

Finally another one that has been touched after the Indianapolis Grand Prix was Hector Faubel. Still, three days later the images of the blown up impress me.

Today in the morning Héctor Faubel went to the consultation of Dr. Gastaldi to perform mobility tests to perform new X-rays that have ruled out any type of breakage. However, in the afternoon a ultrasound in case there were internal injuries.

If there is no news and the doctors do not prevent it, Héctor Faubel will be here this weekend at the Brno Grand Prix giving gas.

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