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From Girona to Andorra through the Collada de Tosas, Motorpassion Routes
From Girona to Andorra through the Collada de Tosas, Motorpassion Routes

Although we are already in the middle of summer, I am going to recommend this fantastic route through the most varied roads of the Catalan Pyrenees and we will try to explain it as a technical sheet. We will leave on a trip from Girona capital to Andorra passing through mythical sections such as Vallfogona del Ripollés, Collada de Tosas and the final ports of Porte Puymorens and Port d'Envalira. We have ahead 230 kilometers of curves with different qualities of asphalt and almost 10 minutes on the highway when leaving Girona. Medium difficulty due to twisted sections with very slow cornering. Possibility of snow in the gutters and streams of meltwater in the high mountains.

Suitable for all types of medium and large displacement scooters. Because it is an inland and high mountain route, inadvisable in winter, not very accessible in autumn and better in spring or summer. For these last two stations are suitable vented leather or sanity equipment with internal linings. Temperatures can be somewhat low first thing in the morning and very high at noon. We start next, all the more detailed information, tricks, tips, places to stop, and not to stop, map and technical sheet. Fasten your helmet! Let's go!

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For the beginning of this route We must leave from the northern part of Girona on the C-66 highway which has direction Banyoles but we will not reach this town. In about 5 kilometers we must make a U-turn that will take us to Palol de Revardit. From this town to the end of the route they are all winding roads.

Significant sections and indications

  • From Palol de Revardit to Olot passing through Mieres and Santa Pau:

To start we have a mousetrap and twisted road with shifting asphalt but generally of good quality. Area of ​​passage of a tractor through neighboring lands, be careful with the remains of these. Suitable above all for light motorcycle. Variegated vegetation so it is prone to humidity on the asphalt if they are not months of rigorous heat. Possibility of avoiding this section by continuing on the C-66 / A-26 highway to Olot. If we start the route and want a typical breakfast first thing in the morning as the sun rises we recommend at Mieres Can Met, just at the foot of the road on our left. Price between 6 and 9 euros for sausages or sausage or grilled meat with drink and coffee.

  • From Olot to Ribes de Freser passing through Vallfogona and Ripoll:

We continue with buzzing sections but more open uphill from Olot to Vallfogona del Ripollés and Ripoll. Good quality of asphalt, to take into account some tar tape in the Vallfogona section and tractors' remains. Suitable for all types of motorcycles but the most agile will have it better. Mention for a typical hostel-restaurant in the area called Mister bikers. Meeting point for bikers to watch the World Cup races and also recommended for breakfast. You have it at the foot of the road in Vallfogona del Ripollés. Crossings between towns without complications from Ripoll to Ribes de Freser passing through Campdevànol. A typical refuel point It is usually the gas station that we will find after the mineral water bottling plant, Aigua de Ribes, at the foot of the road and on our right.

  • From Ribes de Freser to Puigcerdà passing through the Collada de Tosas:

One mythical section and well known nationally, very good asphalt, open and fast uphill suitable for all types of motorcycles. High mountain road divided into two sections separated by a plane on which a hotel rests that we find at the foot of the road on our right. Only a stop at the hotel is recommended to stretch your legs, rest and at most have a coffee. Very important two very sharp and dangerous curves just before the hotel and after, both on the right and well signposted but with a tendency not to take the signs into account since we come from stable average speeds throughout the climb and in both cases they slam shut and can catch us off guard. Runoffs of meltwater and snow in the ditches in colder seasons and strips of tar from the hotel to Puigcerdà. And sometimes our friends the cows.

Collada Toses cows
  • From Puigcerdà to Andorra via Porte Puymorens and Port d'Envalira:

Another succession of well-known ports is the entrance to Andorra but instead of by the Seu d'Urgell, on the French side. We arrive at Puigcerdà and towards Bourg-Madame we must look for the mentioned ports until we reach El Pas de la Casa and then go down to Andorra la Vella. It is important to follow the indications in both Puymorens and Envalira so as not to cross them through the tunnels since we have that option. Always choose the "per coll" and "per port" markings respectively. Impeccable asphalt, high mountains, possibility of fog and drop in temperatures in the ports. It is interesting to stop at some of the viewpoints to take photos of the fantastic views. For all types of motorcycles, it is appropriate moderate speed in paella-type curves as some do not have protections.


Technical sheet of the route

  • Community: Catalonia and France.

  • Area: Plà de l'Estany, Garrotxa, Ripollés, Cerdanya, French Pyrenees, Andorra.

  • Important towns: Girona, Olot, Ripoll, Ribes de Freser, Campdevànol, Puigcerdà, Andorra.

  • Type of route: Mountain and high mountain route.

  • Mileage: Approximately between 230 and 250 kilometers one way.

  • Ideal time of year: Spring, Summer.

  • Difficulty: Medium.

  • Black spots: Dangerous curves in the Collada de Tosses, (see article).

  • Stopping places: To eat, Can Met, Mieres, Olot. Mr Bikers, Vallfogona del Ripollés.

  • Asphalt quality: Good, very good. Few sections broken, only in small towns.

  • Motorcycle type: All types and scooters. Medium or high cylinder capacity is preferable in high mountain sections.

I hope it has been to your liking and if someone intends to do it or you have already passed these roads, you can tell us what you think.

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