The most feared drivers in Europe
The most feared drivers in Europe

Perhaps one of the most repeated questions every summer is Who drives worst in Europe? And every year the answer is almost the same. Italian drivers, followed by the Greeks and the Poles are the ones that take the cake in this type of survey. The survey this summer has been done on Zoover, and 30,000 users have participated in it. The downside is that the question was how you saw the other drivers. With what the result gives me that it is not very reliable. Although if they themselves (Italian drivers) consider themselves dangerous for something it will be.

Of those three, I only know the Italians in the first person, and the truth is that when I have driven there they have not seemed so dangerous on the open road. Another thing is to get into a city like Rome and appreciate how the "motorinos" are transformed into the gravel that compacts the traffic lights and you realize that a good number of signals do not count for them. On the opposite side are the Finnish drivers, who must be four or five and must drive carefully.

And the Spanish? Well, we Spaniards are in the middle of the table, although we are quite critical of ourselves and appreciate that we are the second worst driving country in Europe. In what we agree is in appreciating that Italians are the worst. What experiences do you have driving through Europe? How bad are the Greeks?

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