For you to comply with the speed limits, "it's for your safety"
For you to comply with the speed limits, "it's for your safety"

It is a very hackneyed slogan, too much, but is still valid as we will see in a real case next. In the heart of the city of Girona, near a hospital, on a straight with two lanes for each direction of traffic, with excellent visibility, very wide sidewalks, zebra crossings and bike lanes, the local police plant a radar for us to control the speed of the users of that road. That section in question is located between two roundabouts with zebra crossings that are well visible to the vehicles that circulate through it.

From one of the aforementioned zebra crossings, the photographs that illustrate this article have been taken so that you can see what we mean. In the cover photo, on the right and between the two trees, you can see the radar mounted on its tripod, but the next snapshot leaves no doubt as to what “twisty and dangerous"Road where the administration should"ensure our safety". And luckily, the vehicle of the controlling agent is located out of our sight and parked under a building because on occasions it has been seen stopped in the middle of the cycle lane that is seen, something completely illegal.

Radar Girona

The truth is that it is not the first nor the last time that we will see these types of scenes but personally I think that we must protest and expose this kind of thing. In this urban section of circulation, they cannot make me believe that the purpose of this radar is none other than collection. Instead, the police neglect other most conflictive areas left unguarded where if it would be convenient to regulate the traffic. In a country battered by the crisis, the way of thinking of those in charge must change a lot to get out of the quagmire and this is one more example. Must leave the picaresque and dedicate to serve and protect the citizen, don't squeeze it, we don't think it's that hard.

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