Eight is enough or eight is enough a la china
Eight is enough or eight is enough a la china

The man from our video has in number eight the only similarity to the Bradford family, which starred in the late 70s and early 80s, the series "Con Ocho Basta". Those episodes that we remember those of us with a certain age, were based on the real life of Tom Bradem, a journalist from Sacramento (California), and his eight children. Also at that time a book with the same title was written.

One of the curiosities of the series in its extensive cast, was the replacement of Mark Hamill, one of the actors, by Grand Goodeve. Hamill, as many of us know, joined the cast of “Star Wars”. Another of the eight in the family was Ralph Macchio, known as Daniel LaRusso in "karate Kid”. In this series, the technique of "canned laughter" was used, which consists of a sound resource that simulates public laughter to make people believe that they are live reactions. Our Chinese Tom Bradem too takes care of eight offspring, and carries them together on his motorcycle.

A video fan from a car has recorded it on a Chinese highway with two girls in the front and three women with two more children, in the back of his motorcycle. Of course, our fierce and familiar pilot wears the regulation helmet. For safety that is not … live to see …

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