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MotoGP 2012: Brno, the ancient land of rumors
MotoGP 2012: Brno, the ancient land of rumors

One more year we arrived with the MotoGP World Championship to the land where more rumors and goings-on were amassed, where summer fantasy gave way to reality and the movements of motorcycles, riders and teams for the following year were confirmed practically in their entirety. Welcome to Brno, the dethroned queen of information confirmed. But don't worry, this mythical Grand Prix has not lost an iota of its magic, because it is and will continue to be, hopefully for many years, one of the best races on the calendar.

After seeing one of the most rugged weekends that I remember, especially the training sessions, only seven days later we found another test and, of course, it gave us a hangover. Hangover shaped missing, since the Bwin Grand Prix of the Czech Republic you will not have on your grills or Nicky hayden nor to Hector Barberá, instead of whom Toni Elías will participate again on the back of the Pramac Ducati.

Moto3: Máverick Viñales for all

MAverick Viñales

I suppose that knowing the way of acting on the track of the young man Máverick Viñales We will all have more or less clear how he is going to take the remaining tests now that we have passed the halfway point of the championship and things have become complicated for him after falling and not scoring a few meters from the finish line in Indianapolis. Now Sandro Cortese is ahead of you in 29 points, which may not seem like too many, but the regularity of german it is being more than contrasted. Cortese has only got off the podium once so far this season and, even with fewer victories than Viñales, hence the well-deserved leadership of the provisional. He is knowing how to run smart and think more in the long term than in immediate victory.

Another German who went home quite happy was the new Mapfre Aspar Team rider, Jonas folger, who due to the fall of Máverick encountered a podium I did not expect And he was that happy at the end of the race.

Jonas Folger:

But the real weekend hero and the man with the highest pride is Luis Salom. He has finally got the victory that she longed for and had been elusive in past dates in which she caressed her but stayed with the honey on her lips. The "Mexican" did not believe it at the end of the race, but surely by now he is aware of what he has achieved and although he has already signed with his current team as a show of respect and admiration, he will not lack girlfriends and I'm sure you get better material than you had until now. Hopefully from now on he will roll as he knows how and bring us more joys.

My Moto3 bet:

    Máverick Viñales

    Luis Salom

    Jonas folger

Moto2: Marc "Dominio" Márquez

Marc Márquez

It is true that possibly this Indianapolis pass has been one of the most boring Moto2 races in this 2012, yes, but it also has its incentives to see that Marc Márquez are putting heading to the title that, personally, I think I would have deserved to win last year. I do not intend to detract from Stefan Bradl far from it, but in 2011 luck was not on the Catalan's side. But as there is no harm that does not come this year we are enjoying a fight both on the track and psychological between two Spaniards who are part of the broad future of Spanish motorcycling.

The very high level of piloting demonstrated by Marc Márquez it is only overshadowed by the very brave Pol Espargaro, between them they form a tandem with a style that is very close to that of a champion, and they are giving us really exciting races in which neither of them gives their arm to twist. Although it has not been the case of the latter, where the interest has been to see again the beautiful image of a podium with its three steps occupied by Spanish pilots when joining the party Julito Simon, someone who should never have lost the path of the top five. I know especially well your return to head positions because it is a, forgive me the expression, great guy, verified in my own flesh. Now it only needs to grow and return to the positions it deserves.

The Moto2 title in 2012 smells of Spanish that pulls back And I bet what you want that if everything goes smoothly, Márquez will take it. And speaking of bets …

My top3 in Moto2 for Brno:

    Marc Márquez

    Julito Simon

    Pol Espargaro

MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa and the return of finesse

Dani pedrosa

The aggressive styles by Casey Stoner or Nicky Hayden are striking for their spectacularity and are now very much in play with high-speed cameras, but I have always been struck by the finesse and the know-how of Dani PedrosaPerhaps I feel identified by that of sharing, almost, height. its style it is very personal Although it seems that he does not move on the bike, he leans a lot and has a very fast cornering pace, but above all his way of lifting the bike to give gas takes my breath away.

Someone so small on such a powerful motorcycle has to do a lot of strength, especially mental and, pulling the thread, I think that even more strength needs to be done to have six years in the most powerful factory team in the world, the Repsol Honda HRC without winning No title and show season after season that he deserves to stay where he is. Luck has led him down the path of bitterness with injuries, but this 2012 seems to be getting prove your worth, and as I have said several times in the comments of other posts, if it weren't for the two direct rivals it has I would not hesitate to give it the title at this stage of the championship.

Casey stoner

TO Jorge Lorenzo lately I see him a bit blurred Since the encounter with Bautista, he has not had the same spark that he used to see him and it seems that things do not go as easily as before, and look that now in summer the butter is distributed well, but nothing, I have not just seen. Well it is true that many would already like their worst results for themselves, but you always have to count on him. When it seemed that Indianapolis was going to choke and get lost in the peloton, he qualified second and had a great solo career.

Now they only separate the two Spaniards 18 points of difference, and with a Casey stoner that it can lose the thread it is time for them to press to distance themselves, because the truth is, I doubt very much that Casey Stoner will leave the World Championship without wanting to take another title for their shelves. You have the proof in that after the stick that was hit on Saturday, Sunday he got a fourth place, and almost climb to the podium, adding a good handful of points. I take my hat off.

The MotoGP baton:

    Dani pedrosa

    Casey stoner

    Jorge Lorenzo

Tomorrow we will give you the schedules so that you do not miss anything, but don't worry, this weekend we return to the usual schedule.

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