Casey Stoner, a TEN pilot
Casey Stoner, a TEN pilot

So clear and concise he referred Marc Martin to the australian pilot Casey stoner when his presence in the race of the Indianapolis Grand Prix after the stick that he had hit the day before in training.

All pilots are made of a special breed. They love what they do and when they can't run they squirm in their bed. But not because of the pain but because of rage and despair for not being able to be there, with his family, giving the maximum in each curve, each straight, each braking.

Mind you, I'm not exalting Casey Stoner for going out the next day. I admire him in the same way that I admire Héctor Barberá for being back on the bike less than thirty days after breaking my leg, as I also do from Ben spies, for falling literally and also emotionally, with a season that as Dennis Noyes himself said: if you do not have bad luck, you have no luck at all.

Casey stoner

I admire Nicky hayden, that if it were not for the doctors, we would have him giving gas; same as Hector Faubel, to Colin edwards that she wanted to go out the day after having surgery on her clavicle, to do a podium the following week. Admired Marco Simoncelli, riding the bike a week after breaking his scaphoid … and so many other riders of all categories.

But Today I mostly admire Casey Stoner for something else. For having risked the most trying to beat Dani Pedrosa in the German Grand Prix. What need was there to lose 20 points to his teammate and to Jorge Lorenzo? None.

And what need did he have yesterday to go out after the bat that was given? None. It is his last year, he could be second or third in the championship and no one would reproach him for anything. But wants to go through the front door. Proving that she won with Ducati when no one gave a penny for her. That he won at Honda and that he can win again when in 2012 the most balanced bike on the grid is the Yamaha, and there are the numbers to prove it.

Yesterday I said a phrase on twitter during the MotoGP race and it said something like that if Casey Stoner was on the podium I would marry his wife. Today I change it a bit: if you don't leave the world cup, I'm still marrying your wife, or rather, I already have someone perfect for your daughter: mine. That way you won't have to question Alessandra Stoner's future boyfriend.

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