Choose: Scooter ready (Yamaha T-Max500), or stock motorcycle
Choose: Scooter ready (Yamaha T-Max500), or stock motorcycle

The Italian motorcycle accessories firm, Performance1 has never neglected the Yamaha t-max when it comes to taking it into account in order to be able to assemble parts from its catalog on it. The latest and most spectacular of everything that can carry this maxi scooter that has been a sales success, is the Brembo radial caliper kit to replace the original and greatly improves braking. In addition, all kinds of covers, handles, plugs and protectors have been made of ergal that give an elegant touch while reducing weight.

And the practical aspect is not neglected by making available to the user state-of-the-art mobile phone holders iPhone type. This, as we say, in Performance1, but if we pull from other manufacturers' catalogs we can leave our Yamaha T-Max even more prepared with the well-known and famous Akrapovic-type exhaust, very common in these mounts, by the way. The question I ask myself is:It is worth having a Yamaha T-Max full of accessories instead of a motorcycle to use? As much as we prepare a Yamaha T-Max, we will never stop having a scooter, right?

Yamaha T-Max Performance1

Well, I comment on this to see if we get into a debatee, obviously. The Yamaha T-Max, I know that it is a fantastic scooter that performs well on many plots. I know who uses it to go to work every day. Also who has taken long trips and mountain routes with her. Even a track course monitor once told me that one of the people who had most impressed him on the track was wearing a T-Max. Come on, what the Yamaha t-maxIt works, I have no doubt about that.

A phrase from my colleague Morrillu comes to mind when he recently published the test of the Ducati Desmosedici RR, it goes like this: “You can imagine the movies you want, take a Yamaha R1 and build it to the teeth for less money. But I'm sorry, you won't have a street MotoGP, but a ready-made bike, plain and simple. " I think there is no better phrase to understand what Ducati intended in its day with the Desmosedici RR. I personally think you can have a Yamaha T-Max more inflated than an accessory puffer fish but you will never have a motorcycle, you will have a scooter, which is great, but a scooter. It is my personal opinion,what do you think?

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