53 Bañeza Speed ​​Grand Prix, the race
53 Bañeza Speed ​​Grand Prix, the race

Just arrived from the Bañeza street circuit, where the heat has been one of the protagonists of the day and with a resounding success from the public with about 40,000 people filling some areas of the city. I keep wondering how there are fans who have not yet attended at least once to this wonderful Grand Prix where you can see some races with a very special "flavor" and also where you can relive the authentic spirit of competition by chatting with the drivers, walking through the pits and watching them go lap by lap at a very short distance.

This year categories have been unified. Thus we have been able to see the majestic four-stroke classics with a BSA three-cylinder included that thundered the streets of Bañeza with its engine, we also enjoyed the classic two-strokes and of course the 125 GP that ran on this occasion along with some that another Moto3. As always, both the public, the riders and the Bañezanos themselves with their moto club at the helm have thrown themselves with the Grand Prix where you will not only be able to see some spectacular races.

125 GP

In the category of 125 GP and Moto3 He saw how the victory was achieved after the 17 laps contested in the urban layout of the Bañeza Valencian Alex Martínez, who throughout the weekend was the strongest in the category. From the start in the first position on the grid, he did not leave this position until the finish line, leaving second place for Sergio Fuertes and a third place won by Daniel Sáez taking advantage of a setback by Aitor Cremades who finished sixth.

On this occasion the Moto club Bañezano, the main organizer of the test, wanted to dedicate the realization of this race to the one who was his vice president Miguel Rodríguez that sadly passed away two months ago.

The Bañezano corkscrew

The category of classic 2T He started with a grid full of 36 drivers, quite a spectacle to see them reach the first corner. On this occasion the victory would be disputed ten laps of the urban layout. Again another Valencian Sergio Fuertes was the fastest, followed by Miguel Cortijo also Valencian and Adrián Hermida who broke so much "southern" dominance with his third direct position for Coruña.

Classic 4T

In the category of classic 4T Mauro Abbadini shot off his Jawa 500 from second on the grid. He led the test almost from the beginning but in the last laps he was overtaken by Leonés Ricardo Escobar who won this category one more year. The third place on the podium in this category was occupied by the Asturian José Bruno.

At the moment the final classifications of the test are not available we will update them throughout the day and we will continue this week counting curiosities that we saw in this 53rd edition of the Bañeza Grand Prix. For now I leave you a small photo gallery. To be continue.

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