53 Bañeza Speed ​​Grand Prix, curiosities
53 Bañeza Speed ​​Grand Prix, curiosities

The other Angel Nieto de la Bañeza

In a Grand Prix as special as that of La Bañeza, with little observer you are, you will be able to find a thousand and one curiosities about your walks among the drivers' boxes and their teams, which in many cases are a group of friends and family with great enthusiasm and above all eager to enjoy the experience and have the best possible time. And let's not say the variety of public that joins this party where you will be able to find everything, even two Barbies on their pink motorcycle that you can see in the photo gallery.

Some use the Grand Prix to spread their claims to the four winds in the most unlikely way that you can think of, as is the case with this wheelie machine that is nothing like the one we tried in its day at Motorpasión. Now as a theatrical comedy show, it was priceless.

Escape ad

Others take the opportunity to try some sponsorship or donation such as the poster that read in one of the tents of the teams "for a worthy escape”. But without a doubt, what is never lacking is the spirit of companionship and selfless help, especially running with machines that in many cases exceed the age of the writer, who is not precisely young. Sometimes they become delicate and prone to breakdown in the rarest of ways. Promoting situations like the one they told me about a Norton running with the coil of a vespino that by chance they loaned it and it worked the first time.

Norton Dakar motorcycles

A Grand Prix where you can see how the old and the most modern technology come together in such a way that we are no longer interested in seeing a motorcycle over forty years old with wheel warmers on, or strategically placed on-board cameras to record. the entire race or simply the organization's transponders for taking race times. But also when the illusion and in many cases, the few economic means that are available, wit comes out quickly being able to see things as simple as a starter, which will not have as much design as those of MotoGP nor will it be painted with the colors of the team but surely effective is like the most.

Home starter

Or even see a beer can harmoniously housed in a precious Ducati to contain any liquid you might leak.


Many times I have thought when you go to any race and time does not accompany whether it will be justified or worth it, spend all those hardships being able to see it from the comfort of your armchair in your living room. And precisely in the Bañeza it is possible to see the race from the living room but live or even from your comfortable armchair at the foot of the track.


Who gives more? I leave you a photo gallery with more curiosities.

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