MotoGP Indianapolis 2012: 100% Spanish podium with victory for Marc Márquez in Moto2
MotoGP Indianapolis 2012: 100% Spanish podium with victory for Marc Márquez in Moto2

Unquestionable has been the domain of Pol Espargaro during all trainings in the Indianapolis Grand Prix only followed by the other Spanish warrior, Marc Márquez. The others have only been able to ride with them until they pissed off Márquez with everyone waiting for him to pull behind him. Personally, I would not wish for anything else before turning off the traffic light to see a completely Spanish podium with a Julito Simon signing a magnificent weekend finishing fourth with his new Suter chassis and technical equipment.

When it seemed that the favorite was Pol Espargaró to win the Indianapolis race, a once again abusive dominance of Marc Márquez it was worth one incontestable victory. But also, Indianapolis is ours, for the second time in history we have had a podium by Moto2 totally spanish, with a winner Márquez, second Espargaró, and third the reborn and more than happy Julito Simón. After the madness of Moto3, this race has tasted like blessed glory for me.

Marc Marquez Indianapolis

Just give the exit Andrea Iannone he put first taking advantage of the bad start of Pol Espargaró but especially Marc Márquez, who gave up to fourth place. Except for some touch the Exit It has been made without incident and the first three of the general took command of the test together with a Dominique Aegerter invited eager to join the party, getting to shoot first and opening a gap in the first bars of the race.

Automatically Marc Márquez would react and take second, overtaking Andrea Iannone, canceling the advantage of the Swiss and overtaking him without major complications on the fourth lap, going to roll first. Behind Julito Simon would be placed room by ditching Mika Kallio and overtaking Pol Espargaró, who seemed to be taking things fairly easy in the first third of the race.

With 20 laps to go Marc Márquez I already treasured two seconds ahead of Andrea Iannone, Pol Espargaró and Julito Simón, who had a hard time holding the pull. Dominique Aegerter accused the initial pull and sank to seventh place when overtaken by Julito Simon, who shortly after in the same lap would overtake Andrea Iannone and go with Pol Espargaro opening a slight hollow forming a hypothetical 100% Spanish podium.

Pol Espargaro Indianapolis

Elena Rosell went to the ground with 16 laps to go while in the chasing group had passed and reviewed between Andrea Iannone, Mika Kallio, Thomas Luthi, Dominique Aegerter, Simone Corsi and further back Scott Redding, Tito Rabat, Claudio Corti and Nico Terol.

Halfway through the race the leadership from Marc Márquez was incontestable with a difference of more than five seconds over the duo that would distribute the places of honor on the podium. Meanwhile Andrea Iannone was sinking little by little until the final ninth place, at the same rate that Thomas Luthi recovered positions until the fifth place without making noise between Mika Kallio and Scott Redding.

With six laps to go Julito Simon considered valid the Third place and Pol Espargaró began to let go of the wheel of the second, and in the absence of two the image of Emilio Alzamora taking half a length from the wall asking Marc Márquez for calm with both hands when the difference was already more than six seconds was revealing. In a somewhat boring race to be Moto2 and dominated by the war of slates, the satisfaction of returning to Julito Simón on the podium makes us more than happy, and even more so because he is a podium formed in his whole by Spanish pilots.

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