Summer weekend stories: people from the paddock, from JJ Cobas to JJ Racing (II)
Summer weekend stories: people from the paddock, from JJ Cobas to JJ Racing (II)

Comes from (Summer weekend stories: people from the paddock, from JJ Cobas to JJ Racing (I)

  • Alberticu: I guess we don't even talk about traction control.
  • Rini: Oh my! there are no more pilots like the ones from before, Lawson, Rainey and company. Look, you have the proof that electronics dominate the MotoGP World Championship in examples like Stefan Bradl's. Talent aside, he has been able to adapt very quickly to the powerful MotoGP and the category. That with the fat two-stroke engines of the old days without electronic aids would be impossible.
  • Alberticu: And the atmosphere in the pits? Now it seems that there is a tendency towards individualism even in a local town race, right ?.
  • Rini: Man, before the tortilla and carajillo were shared if necessary, people were different. Now there are those who deny you even a sad screw. This at an amateur level, in the upper echelons of this sport, I won't even tell you.
MiniGP prototype with pitbike engine
  • Alberticu: I understand that in the races, the neighbor, nor water, but in batches I see that there is a phenomenal atmosphere.
  • Rini: Yes, yes, of course, in the races I mean. There is a maxim that says the one who has money is ahead and wins. This is so. But it is that the races are very expensive, too expensive.
  • Alberticu: And what about the success of Moto2 and Moto3? They have managed to lower costs, are they the future?
  • Rini: I do not deny that they are formulas that work but I am in favor of prototypes although I am aware that they are not available to everyone due to their high cost, of course. They are working, yes, but I do not believe in the single motor type Moto2 as a definitive solution.
Chassis prototype with scooter motor
  • Alberticu: And going back to your chassis prototypes, do you sell them? Are they promoted on a website or something similar?
  • Rini: In principle we work for ourselves and our friends as amateurs but if someone wants a chassis we can manufacture it, of course, but we do not have a website or anything like that, just an email address that is [email protected].

A: What does a chassis that you manufacture cost approximately?

  • Rini: As I told you, we manufacture for a small and well-known area, so we try to adjust the price. Obviously for hours of work I already tell you that the time you spend making the prototypes does not pay off but one of our chassis can cost you between 700 and 1000 euros. If you want one, I'll give you a discount, heh, heh, heh.
  • Alberticu: Well, they must be a joy, surely but I'm fighting with a rear shock absorber of the minimotard that I think is mounted inverted.
  • Rini: Well, it takes time to bring that bike so we take a look at it to see what can be done. It is not because we make them but in the case of a scooter or mini scooter, a specimen with one of our chassis becomes another motorcycle. If it is accompanied with suspensions to match it creates an authentic racing motorcycle.
  • Alberticu: Now that we are talking about money, I can't resist asking a person of your generation what they think about this issue of the crisis, although we don't like to talk about politics in a motorcycle blog, as you will well understand.
  • Rini: I understand, look, I the future, the truth is that I see it a little black. There are four jetas that have taken all the money but we have a crisis in the system in which we live. In Spain I think we do not know how to work, we are not efficient. People want to live without responsibilities and work as little as possible and that is not serious, it does not hold up, that's how I see it.
Supermotard motor scooter prototype
  • Alberticu: Well, I also agree with you. Going back to motorcycles, what do you currently have on your hands?
  • Rini: We have finished a chassis for a friend and another that will mount a pitbike engine. Then for us we are going to manufacture a pair of classics this winter based on monocoque chassis, Derbi Variant engine and Bultaco Streaker rims. Some tribute motorcycles to Ricardo Tormo to go to La Bañeza and such.
  • Alberticu: That classic paints very well! (Another friend of JJRacing comes to the workshop with what they call "Crown jewel”).
  • Rini: Look to see what you think of this thing. It has our chassis, of course, a scooter engine prepared to the top and fibers of an enduro GAS GAS. It is one of our prototypes for automatic supermotards that we are most proud of. It goes like a shot, we didn't think it was that good. Come on, Let's have a drink, there are enough of us around here.
  • Alberticu: Ok Rini, now a straw goes in more than good. Nice to meet you and impressed to see everything you have around here. Let's see if we can see each other rolling before I go.
  • Rini: That of course,see you on the circuits!

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