Summer weekend stories: people from the paddock, from JJ Cobas to JJ Racing (I)
Summer weekend stories: people from the paddock, from JJ Cobas to JJ Racing (I)

I don't like dust. The truth is that sand and mud do not make me very funny although my origins as a biker come from the trial and the dirt bike so I don't completely deny the element brown. The fact is that I just got home and I come from the ground up to my ears, all the clothes, backpack included, have gone to the washing machine. Covering an MX career as a photographer is what you have. The usual failed and I was entrusted with that delicate task Despite my knowledge of the subject only as an amateur. All under a great heat wave that has been hitting lately with temperatures of almost 40 degrees.

Although I admit that seeing the guys from UNO Racing in action so closely is a real joy. I tell it as an anecdote to open my mouth but it is not my intention to complain about the one that is falling, it would only be missing! I wish that all my problems came from portraying dirt bikes. I would surely live calmer and less stressed, I think. All in all, the experience has been positive. Another song is that the photos have been as God intended … Back home I was thinking about the appointment this afternoon. A visit to two artisans who make chassis and prototypes by hand, two pilots, but especially two friends.

JJ Racing Senci and Rini

And I haven't had time to take a nap. It's so hot that I'm dizzy and a half "bolinga". What a hot flash, I think. But how do you think of staying at five in the afternoon with these heats? Well, in the end, luckily we got together early because I didn't have time to see everything at the JJ Racing. In the Salt neighborhood, in Girona, it didn't take long to find the workshop.

The JJ Racing They have two jacks due to the names of their components, two Josep. Josep Sencianes, better known as “the Senci”, Still active at work, works at the GAS GAS motorcycle factory making prototypes. And Josep Ruiz, alias “the Rini”, A man who has always been dedicated to metalwork, forging and aluminum. Two-wheelers for many years, have drank from the sources of Antonio Cobas and Jacinto Moriana.

Not surprisingly, some JJ Cobas fork remains perfectly operational in his workshop. Senci must march, obligations command, and I stay with Rini chatting for a while in a space chaired by two work trestles on which two prototypes rest. One is the particular Rini with a scooter engine and the second with a pitbike engine that will become a miniGP. Behind us, mute and quiet, but witness to our conversation is a lathe for working metal.

JJ Racing prototype Rini
  • Alberticu: You are going to allow me the impertinent question and that I treat you of your but, how old are you?
  • Rini: 61 years old, I just retired three months ago.
  • Alberticu: You have always run or competed, right? What is a day like now in your life?
  • Rini: Thank God that I have everything paid, as they say, and I have been able to retire with some anticipation but my days are the most normal in the world. I still get up early and go down to the workshop to build my prototypes, chassis and prepare the bikes. Regarding the track, I will tell you that now I do runs but I have done everything. I have competed starting in motocross with Toni Elías fatherThen came the road motorcycle, motor-touring trips and all that. The problem is that the road is sad right now. Radars, controls, cars that make maneuvers that put you in danger, etc. I returned to the circuits doing gravel for four years with a Kawasaki and now I am dedicating myself to the runs with my prototypes.
  • Alberticu: Well, I've seen you roll in Vic and you're not going slow. At your age do you have a special physical preparation or something like that?
  • Rini: Hahaha, (while quietly draining his pure Caliqueño). Look, physically, luckily, the injuries have always respected me, although that day you saw me in Vic, I hit a good blow against the wall of the home straight. The tire slipped and the truth is that I had not fallen in a long time. I am from a generation that did not go to the gym, for the times that we had to live, of course. If anything we had to carry bags of flour weighing 70 and more kilos on our backs. Or fall in a cross race and climb the motorcycle on your back up an embankment, get to the box, a beer, a cigar and walk. So gym and swimming pool well nothing but yes, I accept fork and knife breakfasts, forquilla and ganivet as we say in Catalonia. A sausage with aioli, tomato bread, a glass of wine and we'll start to get along, heh, heh, heh.
Rini in action at Circuit d
  • Alberticu: Okay, I'll keep it in mind for future meetings.
  • Rini: You know that normally after lunch it goes down half a second per lap …
  • Alberticu: Because of the vinillo?
  • Rini: Hahaha. It could be, heh, heh, heh. But the gathering when you eat is the best there is with everyone commenting on the play. What if I enter that curve like this, or like that, you know.
  • Alberticu: And on the subject of mechanics and chassis, how do you learn?
  • RiniWell, I learned with the trial and failure method. Making a mistake is the only way to progress. Only by making mistakes does one improve. I recognize that the people of my generation were not willing to teach and they kept their secrets to themselves very jealously, it is not my case, I also tell you, I do not mind sharing, but the mechanics have changed a lot.
  • Alberticu: In what sense?
  • Rini: The electronic, leftover cables and black boxes everywhere.
  • Alberticu: I guess we don't even talk about traction control.

To be continue…

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