Crazed driver: before you comment, take a deep breath
Crazed driver: before you comment, take a deep breath

Have you ever been told that thing about, take a deep breath and count to 10? Well, after watching this video before putting your comment on the post, you will need to take a deep breath and count to infinity, to Behave yourself. And although it is true that we have all crossed our minds to follow some kaffir at the wheel, whether a car or motorcycle driver, to tell him four things, this is a situation that we must avoid at all costs since in hot weather we can do or say things that we later regret.

As you will be able to see below, I am not very clear about the beginning of all this madness that happened in the American state of Nebraska last month. But what I am very clear about is that both the car driver and the motorcycle riders do their best to ensure that this pointless dispute it ends in tragedy and they are also about to get it a couple of times.

How did you guys stay?

That is why I tell you that regardless of who is to blame, take a deep breath and if counting to ten you don't have enough, expand the count. Do not make hot decisions that later have to be regretted. With psychopaths like the driver of this car, it's best to leave everything to the police. Although as in this case they arrest him for drugs instead of reckless driving and attempted murder.

Thanks Josep for the hint.

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