Avinton Motorcycles, French cafe racer
Avinton Motorcycles, French cafe racer

I think I am not the only one who when he hears the words cafe racer cannot help but think of British workshops, or even American ones, but not exactly in a French workshop. Of course, there is always an exception that confirms the rule, as is the case with Avinton Motorcycles, a Montpellier workshop that is dedicated to making this exclusive motorcycle that you see in the photos by hand. Well, there are really three models that you can choose from, the Collector GT, Collector Race and Collector Roadster.

All three use the same base, a S&S engine of 1,640 cc from 120CV at 5,750 rpm and 165 Nm at 4,250 rpm. The engine features a Vortec system to power Keihin FCR 46mm diameter flat compound carburettors, all electronically managed. This configuration forces the tank to be placed under the seat instead of in its usual place. In the rest of the bike we find first division materials, such as the Ceriani fork with a diameter of 46 mm, adjustable inverted. A Sachs rear shock, Beringer brakes or a 2-in-1 stainless steel exhaust that sounds like heavenly music. Everything to get a weight of 195 kg with the filled ones done. The most visible difference (and I think the only one) is the handlebar, which changes from being anchored above the top seatpost on the Collector Roadster, directly to the seatpost on the Collector GT and below it on the Collector Race.

The prices I have not been able to locate, but I imagine that something so exclusive and handcrafted won't be cheap. Although as dreaming is free (for now) I would not mind getting one of these Collectors, who look like a real bad beast. Below is a small gallery compiled on the brand's Facebook.

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