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MotoGP Indianapolis 2012: Sandro Cortese, Dani Pedrosa and Pol Espargaró lead again (Update)
MotoGP Indianapolis 2012: Sandro Cortese, Dani Pedrosa and Pol Espargaró lead again (Update)

The summer break ends and the moment of truth of the Indianapolis Grand Prix at MotoGP World Championship 2012. Gentelmen, start your engines!. With a sea of ​​rumors going around between signings, team withdrawals, retirements and changes of scenery, we wanted to see how they were going to behave in this second half of the championship with so many soap operas about 2013.

The asphalt Indianapolis is not only delicate when it is wet as in the free, but also when it is dry. Above all, the entrance curve to the finish line and turn 13 were the critical points, as confirmed by Héctor Barberá with ten minutes remaining in the first free practice sessions. Even so Sandro Cortese in Moto3, Dani pedrosa in MotoGP and Pol Espargaro In Moto2 they managed to take the poles in their respective categories.

Moto3: Sandro Cortese is hungry for a title

Sandro Cortese

Tremendous rain of pilots We have lived today in the first of the three timed practice sessions, although the palm has taken it Alex Marquez with three falls in a single practice session, fortunately without any consequences, but which do not favor his adaptation to his new team and motorcycle as a World Championship rider. Who ended up without falling but So angry it was Efren Vazquez, He was on pole but the red flag as a result of Márquez's last crash at the finish line made his time not count.

The time that did count was that of Sandro Cortese that in the absence of two minutes he took the leader of the classification taking pole, and although he tried Máverick Viñales could not answer him because of the excessive traffic and had to settle for third place, just behind the other with official KTM Danny Kent. The second Spanish is the one with the most brides in the category for 2013, Luis Salom on the back of his Kalex KTM. All of them at some point in training were leaders of the table.

maverick viñales indianapolis

The rest of ours were placed with Álex Rins sixth, the pissed off Efrén Vázquez seventh, Alberto Moncayo ninth, Isaac Viñales sixteenth, Álex Márquez twentieth, Adrián Martín twenty-first, and the convalescent Héctor Faubel twenty-ninth.

In the first few minutes Hector Faubel He falls into the finish line on the metal piano, forcing the red flag that suspended training for ten minutes after leaving through the ears, opening the gas and having to be removed on a stretcher from the track. Luck is definitely not on the Valencian's side. Jack Miller He was also one of the winners, he went to the ground breaking his left clavicle for the third time in 2012.

MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa wins a very complicated pole

Dani Pedrosa Indianapolis

Precisely the most critical of American asphalt suffered a ugly highside by Casey Stoner As soon as he went out on the track at turn 13 and he was taken away by the assists with a battered right leg that caused the fourth red flag of the timed session to come out. Finally it was a strong impact without a break in the right ankle and discharged by the doctors of the circuit, but his life is complicated in the general classification. With the Australian out of the game, shortly after resuming training Dani pedrosa he posted a 1.39.1 which earned him the fastest for much of the session.

Great job from Ben spies and above all Stefan bradl, always at the top of the rankings throughout the weekend. In fact, in the absence of twelve minutes when Spies was falling for almost half a second, Dani Pedrosa's best time went to the ground on the umpteenth highside of the weekend, standing up and leaving the track on his own feet, and meanwhile Jorge Lorenzo he placed second and began to attack the pole until a red flag stopped the session again, in this case for another Nicky Hayden's ugly fall that he lost consciousness due to the impact but did not suffer serious injuries, even so he was transferred to the hospital for a CT scan.

Stoner Indianapolis

After the restart Dani pedrosa He lowered his time to 1.38.813, beating the record set last year by Casey Stoner and claimed pole despite opposition from Jorge Lorenzo what would be placed second one tenth of distance from the Catalan, and Andrea Dovizioso, third, who set a good time in the final part of the training by placing himself in front of Ben Spies, who returned to the track after his hard fall. Randy DePuniet It was the first of the CRT offering us some beautiful images of an overtaking on Andrea Dovizioso, curious.

Next we find Álvaro Bautista ninth, it seems that he has lost the thread a bit after the encounter with Jorge Lorenzo, twelfth twelfth Aleix Espargaró and second of the CRT, Toni Elías seventeenth and Iván Silva twenty-first.

Moto2: blow on the table by Pol Espargaró

pol espargaro indianapolis

Again we find ourselves in the qualifying with a duel between the two fastest Spaniards in the category of Moto2. The early time of Marc Márquez At the beginning of the session, it was answered in the absence of twenty minutes by Pol Espargaro with a time of 1.42.602 that placed him leader from that moment until the checkered flag. Good performance also from Julito Simon which was placed at the top of the table showing its positive evolution throughout the weekend.

Luckily in Moto2 we had fewer scares than in the rest of the categories, but we were left with the image with six minutes to go. Marc Márquez cutting waiting for a free space that he did not get, and it was not because he did not indicate it with his hand, because of Scott Redding, Mika Kallio and Andrea Iannone. They looked like vultures on the prowl for a tender and juicy wheel. At the end, in a desperate attempt to get pole, he got a major scare with a very large skid opening gas that he knew how to correct and another saved at the entrance to the finish line. Apparently Marc Márquez is having to force more than necessary his Suter to keep up with Pol Espargaró.

marc marquez indianapolis

As the good evolution of Julito Simon materialized in the form of a room final put at 0.7 seconds just behind Andrea Iannone that was placed third without making a lot of noise. Nico Terol was placed tenth, who seems to be starting to take the air to the category, Tito Rabat fifteenth, Ricky Cardús seventeenth, twenty-third Jordi Torres, Axel Pons twenty-seventh, and Elena Rosell thirty-third.

Do not forget that the schedule is rare, so be careful not to miss the races that await us tomorrow afternoon.

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