ProRace Evo gloves by AXO, racing aesthetic for short gloves
ProRace Evo gloves by AXO, racing aesthetic for short gloves

AXO has just launched the gloves ProRace Evo, which we could consider urban since they are short but in which a aggressive aesthetics, both for the colors and for the protections seen on the top.

The AXO ProRace Evo are made in leather and they have micro-perforated areas to improve ventilation in the hot summer months. In the joints of the fingers, as in other models from the Italian factory, it incorporates elastic and breathable fabric to improve the adaptation of the gloves.

AXO ProRace Evo

As they are short gloves, they only have a fixing system on the wrist, which in this case is done using a velcro strap. At the bottom, we see reinforcement in the palm of the hand, on the thumb and on the index and middle fingers in order to increase the grip both on the clutch and brake levers and on the motorcycle's own grips.

The attention is drawn to protections in the knuckle area, made entirely in carbon fiber. Just behind, the AXO logo has been made of reflective material to increase visibility.

The price of the AXO ProRace Evo is 56,80 euros excluding VAT and are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL.

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