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Vespa S 125 ie, test (video, evaluation and technical sheet)
Vespa S 125 ie, test (video, evaluation and technical sheet)

On Thursday, just one day before Euroyeyé 2012 starts in Gijón, I returned the Vespa S 125 ie to the people of Vespa Gijón. For practically a week I have been able to revive the mod movement, although in the 21st century and with an aesthetic on my part not so in line with that time. Why not come over the next day and merge with the rest of Vespa and Lambretta who met? Basically so they don't kill me along with the neck brace …

Before reviewing the last details, I invite you to watch the video of the test that I put below and in which I have tried to gather the most outstanding characteristics, animated all of it with a catchy music that you will surely like, and with the great Emilito (you will know what I am talking about shortly). See you in a couple of minutes and continue.


Vespa S 125 ie: an urbanite that has shown its full potential

If I had to stand out a feature of the Vespa S 125 ie it would be the incredible agility that shows between the urban traffic, her true battlefield and from which she emerges victorious. It is even more mousetrap than the Lambretta LN 125, recently tested and which had already left us very good impressions in this regard.

its consumption it is also very tight. During the test, with 50% distributed between the city and the highway, the average cost was just over the 3.5 l / 100Taking into account that on the road you go almost all the time with the gas at almost full throttle. With the 8.2-liter tank, the autonomy theoretical is something more than 230 kilometers, which is not bad at all.

The Loading capacity It is correct, with a hole under the seat for a full-face helmet (I don't know if it allows any type of shell but a standard one fits without problems) and the hook behind the shield to carry a bag. The detail of the glove box Without a lid, it responds to mere aesthetic needs. It is not practical because you cannot leave absolutely anything behind when you park it and you run the risk of it flying off, but it is the price that you have to pay on occasion to look for an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the original Vespa Primavera.

Vespa S 125 ie

As a curious note, the compartment for the helmet is not attached, that is, you can lift it by means of a handle located at the front, just where the seat tilts. Allows immediate access to the engine (in the gallery you have the corresponding photos) and it greatly facilitates maintenance tasks. Once locked in place, it does not generate any type of vibrations despite not being fixedly anchored.

If we also look at details under the seat, the lock it is held in a not very orthodox way. The settings of the bike are very good and are taken care of to the maximum. I did not appreciate any plastic that fell apart or had too much tolerance in the fit and therefore I was surprised that a simple screw in sight would anchor it in place.

Commenting on it with the people at Vespa, they told me that this allows a seat change very quickly, being able to release the lock and transfer it to the new upholstery immediately. The idea is good but the method does not seem the most correct. Well yes, it's covered and it's under the seat, but I'd rather be picky than leave things untold.

Vespa S 125 ie

What else can I think of…. Oh yeah, visibility through the rear-view mirrors: Excellent. They are very well located, they do not vibrate and you can see the traffic, not only that which nobody can suck on (elbows…). For against the rear wheel valve accessibility it's pretty bad. On the left side, where the engine is located, it is practically impossible to access it both to place a digital pressure gauge and to hook the inflation hose. And on the right side you run a lot of risk of being burned by the exhaust. It would do nothing wrong to install an elbow valve, it would greatly facilitate the operation.

That which in the video brushes in the roundabouts, the easel, It is our main asset to leave it parked. As a second option we have the side leg, spring-loaded and the dreaded automatic return although the bike takes enough incline so that we at least stop looking at it with one eye.

Finally the price, as in restaurants. The Vespa S 125 ie currently costs 3.600 € including enrollment. The unit tested also carried the chrome rear rack, an accessory that costs € 148. The price, perhaps, is a bit high, not because it really does not cost that but because of the great competition that there is in this niche of the market.

Vespa S 125 ie

For example, without going off the mark, the Vespa LX 125 ie is currently in promotion and you can buy it registered for € 3,148, which is about € 450 less, the only differences with respect to the Vespa S 125 ie merely aesthetic, sharing the powertrain, chassis, suspensions and brakes. But of course, that extra is the one that must be paid if we want to take something different to our home.

In the end all this is subjective. Those who do not like this type of motorcycle will find it expensive and whoever knows how to appreciate the quality and finishes that can be seen in the Vespa S 125 ie it won't seem so much to you.

Little more to tell, only to thank again for the collaboration of Gota a Gota to be able to carry out the photo and video session at their premises. I leave you with the technical sheet and the photo gallery.

Vespa S 125 ie

Vespa S 125 ie:

  • Motor:
    • Type: Single cylinder 4 stroke electronic injection
    • Displacement: 124 cm³
    • Power max. dec.: 10.7 hp at 8,250 rpm
    • Torque max. dec: 9.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm
  • Transmission:
    • Clutch: Automatic
    • Transmission: CVT automatic variator with torque server
    • Transmission: belt
  • Suspensions:
    • Front: Single-arm with coil spring and double-acting monoshock
    • Rear: Helical spring with adjustable preload and double-acting hydraulic monoshock
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Steel disc ø 200 mm with hydraulic command
    • Rear: Drum ø 110 mm with mechanical command
  • Wheels:
    • Front: Aluminum alloy 2, 50x11 ", Tubeless 110 / 70-11"
    • Rear: Aluminum Alloy 3.00x10 ", Tubeless 120 / 70-10"
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: 1,770 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1,280 mm
    • Seat height: 785 mm
    • Fuel tank: 8.2 liters
    • Average consumption measured: 3, 6 liters
  • Assessment:
    • Engine: 8, 5
    • Stability: 6, 5
    • Suspensions: 7
    • Brakes: 7, 5
    • Aesthetics: 8, 5
    • Finishes: 8
    • Rider comfort: 8
    • Passenger comfort: 7
    • Average rating: 7, 62
    • In favor: performance of its "small" engine, front brake, agility in town
    • Against: road stability, rear brake, ground clearance
  • Price: € 3,600 registered

Note: The Vespa S 125 ie It was loaned by Vespa Gijón. Gasoline expenses have been borne by the publisher. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies. For the video recording, a GoPro Hero2 provided by Preciojusto has been used.

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