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Touchdown Minimotard UNO Racing SM155 2013 (II)
Touchdown Minimotard UNO Racing SM155 2013 (II)

Because of its CRF50 type chassis, the motorcycle is small and compactor but large sizes such as that of a server, we can fit well in the driving position without major problems. The 160cc air-oil-cooled, single-cylinder, two-valve Z engine gives an approximate power of about 17Cv That could be some more if we make a preparation but for the sake of the duration and longevity of the propeller, we recommend leaving the engine as standard.

If you want more power, it is better to turn to Daytona-type engines that cubed a bit more, exactly 190cc, and have four-valve cylinder heads per cylinder, than to modify a Z by tightening it more. The motor is sufficient for any karting track of our national territory and only in very long straight lines it will be necessary to extend the development by means of a drag kit for this purpose. A set of crowns and pinions With its corresponding chain, it will never be too much in our drawer of tools and parts.

UNO Racing SM155 2013

It is not the case of the Multipistes circuit of the province of Girona where we have carried out this contact with the UNO SM155 2013. On this occasion, with the series development, the end of the straight is reached by stretching the fourth and last march of this minimotard. Another song is to enter the next right hand corner by clenching your teeth. Between the piano and a very bumpy external area, there is only a kind of lane barely one meter wide that represents the good line.

The track is very wide but, as I say, if we go to the outside we stop going around the site and they "give us" a ripple of potholes that will put the most competent suspensions in trouble to end up in another right hand corner with inverted cant and very sliding. In this sense, 660mm fork Specific for minimotard and the adjustable rear shock absorber in spring preload and rebound behave very decently, pulling more at soft setting than hard, but doing its job well and filtering out irregularities in the asphalt. Of course, we prefer a slightly harder and more forceful fork setting, at least spring, but despite not having regulation, the touch is impressive.

UNO Racing SM155 2013

Little can be said about the motor since it is a classic in the pitbike world. A four-speed with good torque from low revs in intermediate ratios that gets along well with newbies and first timers. Pilots who like pointed engines with a little more joy at the top at the cost of losing resources, tend to opt for YX-type engines of the same displacement. Just have some caution and fine hands because these motors do not have anti rebound, they are very tight and they are not friends of brusqueness.

Returning to the motorcycle and its part of the cycle, we notice her somewhat nervous in rapid changes of direction although it must be said that in this case, the small dimensions of the CRF50 type chassis are usually to blame for these inaccuracies. Large CRF70 frames suffer less from these movements, but cornering suffers a lot. Matter of tastes and needs. AND this is the strong point of this UNO SM155 2013, the ability to negotiate turns.

UNO Racing SM155 2013

This bike prefers point-and-shoot riders, that is, have a clear line and no doubts or insinuations. In with decision Looking for the pianos is the best way to pilot this small mini scooter, taking advantage of its agility and stability when cornering. From our experience, we have seen that this is almost a general trend in minimotards since they are not friendly to making corrections in the middle of the curve. Better to roll calmly and go increasing, not the rhythm, if not the passage through the curve, gradually.

On an aesthetic level, I personally think it is one of the best achieved mini-bikes on the national scene with plastics and quality finishes such as the seat or the seatposts for example. It also stands out in small details that we do not understand how other pitbike firms do not install as standard on their motorcycles. An example is the containers to collect excess oil and gasoline and it is not a question of cleanliness, it is of safety.

UNO Racing SM155 2013

I myself once suffered a fall, Due to not mounting the oil container so the excess went to the rear wheel with unpleasant consequences. CNC aluminum chain tensioners or pelacrash type protectors will be included in this UNO SM155 2013 although they are not appreciated in the photographs for being, as we have commented, a pre-series model. But the best thing is to have a good basis for further customization according to the tastes, needs and budget of the end customer.

As in many areas of life, experience is a degree and UNO Racing have put all their good work to create this motorcycle that I have no doubt that will mark a turning point in the upward market for mini-bikes and asphalt pitbike of contained price. If they have a distribution at the height of what this is capable of offering UNO SM155 2013, success is assured since The bar, they have set it very high.

UNO Racing SM155 2013

UNO Racing SM155 2013

  • Engine: Type Z 155cc 17CV.

  • Chassis: Type CRF50.

  • Fork: 660mm without regulation.

  • Rear shock absorber: YCF type for straight swingarm adjustable in spring preload and extension.

  • Throttle grip: Fast type.

  • Drag kit: 420 pitch.

  • Tank capacity: 3 liters.

  • Weight: To be determined, approximately 68 kilos dry.

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