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Custom Constructors' World Championship 2012
Custom Constructors' World Championship 2012

On August 10, he published the first photo of the winning motorcycle of the AMD World Championship 2012, the world of custom constructors. What is exceptional about this winning motorcycle is not only its manufacture, which we will review in more detail a little later, but it is the first time that an official Harley Davidson dealer has won the championship, which is also European. Because the PainTTless has been manufactured in the Thunderbike workshop in Hamminkeln (Germany) by a team led by Andreas Bergerforth. We could almost classify as a wham in the mouth of the North American Custom manufacturers that a German wins them with his own weapons. Finally today we can enjoy the photo gallery of the top ten classified in the Freestyle category.

The second classified In the freestyle category of the AMD World Championship it has been another motorcycle based on a Harley Davidson mechanic. But this time the manufacturer is North American, specifically from Crawford, Virginia. His work is called Old black, and is a recreation of a hill climber. Third place went to Sam Reali and his Abnormal Cycles team. Italian guys have used a 1919 Harley Davidson engine on a 1939 chassis to build their Speed-Demon. It should be remembered that this workshop won the modified Harley Davidson category in 2011, and this year they have managed to place third in the premier category. Quite an achievement for any Custom manufacturer, even more so if you are European and compete against the best in the world.

Custom Constructors' World Championship 2012

Of the top ten classified in this category, I was struck by the sixth classified, a bagger named Tantalizer with a Mike Garrison 120 cubic inch (1,966 cc) engine. That rear end is impressive and how low the bike is in general. The other point that caught my attention is that there are two Trikes among these ten bikes. The eighth classified is the Vitalogy, a Trike manufactured by Canadian Victor Tchor, who has also achieved fourth place with his Steam Punk number 18. In the case of the Trike, the motorization is Harley Davidson, which also has specific three-wheel mechanics. The second Trike, which came in ninth place, is made in Texas by RK Concepts on a 1,000cc Aprilia engine.

As you can see, the diversity is quite wide, both in the mechanics and in the nationality of the manufacturers. This makes this AMD World Championship even bigger, which will visit Europe next year, specifically Germany. Thus expanding its "globality" in this Custom world.

PainTTless, the winner of the AMD World Championship 2012

Custom Constructors' World Championship 2012

Like we have already said, the winner of the AMD World Championship was Andreas Bergerforth with his PainTTless. Andreas runs a Harley Davidson dealership in Hamminkeln, a city near Essen in Germany. The base of the bike is a 1,000cc Harley Davidson Ironhead Sporster engine. Installed on a handcrafted swingarm chassis. Andreas and his team have built their reputations on collecting AMD European Championships and rankings in the top five at various AMD World Cups.

Focusing on the bike we can see that on the side of the primary transmission there is a completely new cover, with an adjustable chain tensioner, a completely new output sprocket and a double chain. The ignition system is a 1928 Bosch Magneto that they located on eBay. The swingarm, which we have already said is handcrafted, is made of sheet steel and tube. The fork is a combination of bridges and links together with two springs. And they say it works quite well. But there are so many details on this bike that it is worth taking a look at the gallery that has been published on the Thunderbike website to appreciate some of them. As a curious note, they say that this motorcycle is valued at about 150,000 euros, a price that almost seems cheap to me for such an exclusive motorcycle.

To finish, nothing better than the video with "how it was made" this PainTTless by Thunderbike.

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