From Harley Davidson to desert sidecar
From Harley Davidson to desert sidecar

Easy, simple and for the whole family. It's the first thing that came to mind, that this could be Khristian Pielhoff's motorcycle, that man who is better than MacGyver, who gave him a seat in an old car and a mop and mounted an anti-tank rocket launcher or who in one afternoon made you a swimming pool in the garden as the one who does not want it. It is the only explanation I see for a 2005 Harley Davidson V-Rod go on to become… into… that.

I do not understand what dark reasons can lead someone to decide that with the basis of a custom you can get a all terrain vehicle that looks like Frankenstein, and that you find an attractive idea. There are also many detractors of Milwaukee motorcycles with the Revolution engine, but from there to commit this atrocity there is a fairly long way. Either way the spawn lives, and according to the creator he has traveled in this state more than 2,000 miles.

Harley Davidson Vrsc sidecar

Regarding the technical section, and objectively speaking, this Harley Davidson V-Rod Sidecar Adventurer which is what it is called now, it preserves the chassis, engine, tank, electronics and dashboard, everything else as what you see, tailor-made swingarm and fork for those monster truck tires they use Ohlins shock absorbers on all axles, safety fuel tank, double headlight and body of questionable taste.

If someone likes it, they are in luck because they are for sale on Ebay, but if you are still not completely convinced there is still more, since according to the seller it has infinite capabilities, it is easy to drive and, best of all, is approved. At least in the United States.

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