Jorge Lorenzo is quite receptive to the arrival of Valentino Rossi to Yamaha
Jorge Lorenzo is quite receptive to the arrival of Valentino Rossi to Yamaha

Last week we had the confirmation of one of the news of the year: Valentino Rossi leaves Ducati and returns to Yamaha for at least two years. And of course, he will share a team with a Jorge Lorenzo that he is in the best moment of his sports career. It therefore remained to see what the Mallorcan thought of all this, after their first experience as teammates gave rise to all kinds of rumors. Well, whoever is looking for strong headlines or a certain discomfort, can stop reading, because our friend Jorge could not have been more cautious and respectful with the nine-time world champion.

Thus, in an interview with the BBC, Lorenzo has wanted to clarify from the outset that the relationship with Valentino was not so bad when they were partners, and that the arrival of the Italian Yamaha Racing Factory it will end up benefiting both and the team itself. In addition, it will personally give him extra motivation, so he is satisfied with the news. These are exactly the words used by Jorge to refer to all this:

Obviously, Lorenzo is right not to hide a rivalry that we all know will exist and that in no case can be seen as something negative, since every team is delighted to have two roosters in the pen of such a category. By the way, I love that now they get along better because they are in different teams, hehe. It usually happens … To finish Jorge has been so respectful with his new partner:

There is no doubt that Lorenzo knows that the situation has changed a lot. This time who must demonstrate many things will be Valentino, after two years to forget in Ducati and knowing that the Jorge-Yamaha pairing is perfect right now. But Rossi likes challenges and motivations, and here it seems that he will have a few. Anyway, this weekend the races return with the appointment of Indianapolis (I was already missing racing), and I don't know why, but I think the star theme is going to be this … It hits me on the nose, hehe.

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