Wings for life; spinal cord injury must be curable
Wings for life; spinal cord injury must be curable

With this clear objective, the spinal cord injury research foundation Wings for life. His logo and his wings are increasingly present among us, as for example in Scott's neck brace box that we tested a few months ago. Although, without a doubt, Dietrich Mateschitz, founder of Red Bull, is also to blame for the fact that Wings for life receives more and more support and more brands are lending themselves to collaborate by donating to the foundation part of the profits they obtain from the sale of their products., so that Wings for life continue with all its research projects and thus offer a cure to spinal cord injuries one day.

When Heinz Kinigadner two-time Motocross World Champion was faced with the diagnosis of "Paraplegia" of his son, only 19 years old As a result of an accident in a motocross charity race, he decided not to give up and to work hard for the benefit of the estimated 3 million people in the world who are paralyzed by a spinal cord injury, creating together with others founding partners Wings for life.

Scott and Wings for live

The operation of the non-profit NGO Wings for life is easy to explain. The entire administrative cost of running the foundation is borne by the founders (Red Bull among others). A) Yes 100% of donations both companies and individuals are used for research of the spinal cord. But in addition to choosing which most promising research projects worldwide they are going to provide financial support, they are advised by a council of scientists.

Without a doubt, the world's leading scientists agree that paraplegia, caused by traumatic spinal cord injury, one day it can be cured and precisely the Wings for live Foundation is moving step by step towards that goal.

KTM albi & wings for live

Currently there are hundreds of scientific proposals received throughout the year in order to obtaining financing to carry out your investigations. Red Bull, which is dedicated to this foundation, has even managed to make them World Champion ambassadors with Sebastian Vettel.

But how can you collaborate with the foundation? simply by going through their website you will see that you can make donations directly into your account or purchase one of its many merchandising products. For example, I keep the Wings for live stickers on my motorcycle in a clearly visible place.

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