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Vespa S 125 ie, test (motorway driving and passenger)
Vespa S 125 ie, test (motorway driving and passenger)

Once well loaded (not man ciders, apples) we put heading to the highway to return swift and fast to pick up the passenger. You don't have to be a fortune teller to realize that perhaps this is where the Vespa S 125 ie it will suffer more due to the theoretical poor performance of its engine.

By road we had already verified that its maximum speed Marker was around 100km / h, but we needed to know if it maintains them with some ease. Well, nothing, full throttle and who said fear of speeding tickets? In this case, I'm sure not going to have to keep an eye on the speedometer.

Vespa S 125 ie

We see for several kilometers that speed always stays above 80km / h if the highway presents some kind of climb. But since everything that goes up has to come down, once we have gravity on our side, the speed skyrockets up to 117km / h… And now, more than anything because the engine cuts injection so that the engine does not go over laps because at those speeds, we have already gone over laps and a couple of towns. What are we still on a 125!

With these small, light and agile vehicles, the wind takes a special importance since we will notice that depending on whether it hits us on the nose or tail (friends at six, up!), we will see how it results in its benefits. And if it hits us from the side, be careful, that with the wheels of such a small radius, we can get a little scare if we are not attentive. Luckily the surface it offers is scarce and there is not much candle effect.

Making a little summary now that we are already leaving the highway behind, it is not a place where the Vespa S 125 ie she wants to be but if we drag her there, she defends herself better than expected. The only thing seat, called touring type, which is a little hard if we are seated occupying a little the passenger space, but it compensates the comfort of the suspensions.

Vespa S 125 ie, holidays in Rome with the passenger

Vespa S 125 ie

If instead of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn on the Vespa we get on two hunks who touch the 1'90 as the actor from Vacation in Rome, the laughter that people can laugh when they see you go by can also be from a movie, but comedy. Although if they ask you what you do on such a small motorcycle, you can always say that you were sitting down and the motorcycle was manufactured underneath.

Putting the jokes aside, even though the Vespa S 125 ie it is short chassis, can accommodate two people without any problem. There is enough space in your seat for two adults to ride in it and although the driver will have to go a little further seated, the knees will not trip anywhere even if you are long-legged.

The passenger It has an area for your feet on the platform itself, with studs to support the heel and prevent them from slipping. Despite wearing a large shoe size, your feet do not bump into each other when climbing them after stopping at a traffic light.

Vespa S 125 ie

For the engine Vespa S 125 ie It does not matter whether you have a passenger or not. The performance is reduced a bit, both in its top speed and in its acceleration capacity, but hardly noticeable so it is valid even for duo road raids without any problem.

At the time of brake, It will force us to pull a lot more on the levers and we will have a somewhat spongy feel, but they perfectly fulfill their mission if we do not rush looking for the limits. As a curious note, the slide optional on the tested bike, it would dig a bit into the lower part of the passenger's back during acceleration.

Finally, overall height is reduced by excess weight so we will have to be a little more attentive if it fits in the curves to avoid scares when brushing with the easel. Of two it allows few joys when laying down so if we do not want to sow the distrust of the passenger, it is better not to go hitting everything in the curves.

Vespa S 125 ie

We have almost reached the end of the test without realizing it. On Friday we will talk about some details such as autonomy, the hole for the helmet, of course we will see the video that we have prepared for the occasion… but here we do not rest and as such, attentive to the test that Alberticu brings us tomorrow.

To be continue…

We appreciate the collaboration of the Gota a Gota winery in Gijón for taking the photos.

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