Red Bull X Fighters: Tom Pagés defeats Dany Torres in Munich final
Red Bull X Fighters: Tom Pagés defeats Dany Torres in Munich final

Step by step the Red Bull X-Fighters 2012, is nearing its end, and as this happens it gets more interesting. After having succumbed to Dany Torres at the event held in Las Ventas in Madrid, Thomas Pagès takes second overall, tying with leader Levi Sherwood.

Not only did things tighten at the head of the standings, but behind the top two Dany Torres (from whom we brought you a documentary a few days ago) consolidates in the third position of the championship with its second place in Germany, and Javier Villegas placeholder image that came second overall and sinks to fourth place, but only ten points behind the Spanish.

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In the absence of a single event in Sydney, Australia, the French Tom Pagès is reaping the fruits it sowed in 2009 when it decided not to do tricks with full motorcycle rotation and based on imagination and many falls now it is the only one that offers the movements of greater difficulty in which without turning the motorcycle he is the one who turns on it. Thus, the cheeky Frenchman delighted the 30,000 spectators who came to see the largest FMX track ever built in Europe.

Doing three of the most difficult tricks of today got impose to Dany Torres in a final where the Spaniard made combinations of flips to cascoporro like a madman, which is what the Sevillian does best, but the exaggeration of the movements of Thomas Pagès and the risk of his tricks defeated Torres in the final and captivated the German spectators. Must give him credit Pagès is one of those of "either I get out or I fall", and given the difficulty of the jumps that make up his repertoire of what he has the most ballots is the second as happened in 2011 in the Las Ventas bullring.

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Eigo Sato, the incombustible Japanese veteran, put all the meat on the grill trying to integrate with the local fauna, and with a spectacular staging he was able to rise to the third step of the podium. Experience is a grade as the saying goes and when comfortable it is still a favorite. Although it is increasingly difficult to see him receiving trophies, and the fact is that the years do not pass the bucket, especially when each year three new young stars appear in this discipline that each year is more popular and attracts more public.

The youngster Levi sherwood, leader of the general classification, treasured Generous 80 points advantage that they vanished of a stroke to not being able to go beyond the sixth place. He was unlucky, because in the semifinal round he came across the very inspired Thomas Pagès and his spectacular maneuvers, and when one is inspired it was better to leave ground and not risk trusting that the Frenchman would make a mistake, but it was not like that.

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The business card of Thomas Pagès in the final it was terrifying: The Special Flip (in the middle of the jump, the motorcycle follows its normal path while the rider does a backflip), the Volt (where the rider turns on himself perpendicular to the ground next to the motorcycle) and the Flair (Pagès and his mount rotated 540º in flight). With this repertoire, how could he not become a clear candidate in the final? To this day and with few exceptions in the X-Games, he is the only one who performs these tricks successfully. His will have cost him.

Dany Torres recognized the Frenchman's bravery and congratulated him as a deserved winner, but it is clear that, in the absence of the appointment of Sidney on October 6, there will be a memorable duel between the first three classified to win the title of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2012.

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