New AXO Modus modular helmet
New AXO Modus modular helmet

AXO launches a new helmet within its range modular called AXO Modus. The first thing that stands out is that the Italian manufacturer is committed to an improvement in visibility including the fluorescent yellow among the colors available in addition to black, gray and white.

The AXO Modus has the ECE22 / 05 approval and among its novelties, a new chin guard opening system stands out. Unlike other helmets, the route it describes is elliptical, which means that once it is fitted into its upper part (it has a system that prevents accidental closure), the surface it offers is smaller and therefore, a lower incidence against the wind. Sure to ride with an open modular helmet it doesn't seem like the safest thing to do.

AXO Modus

The visor It is thermoformed and scratch resistant, being easy to disassemble and exchange. For high light conditions, the AXO Modus incorporates integrated sunglasses. Both these and the opening of the chin guard is done by external buttons easily manageable with gloves.

To increase the flow of interior ventilation, it has vents adjustable on the front and upper part of the helmet and two air vents on the back. The interior is completely removable and made of antiseptic and anti-sweat material. Finally, the closure is of the micrometric type.

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