New iPhone Application of the Italian Motorcycle Federation
New iPhone Application of the Italian Motorcycle Federation

It would be good to have an application of this type for our phones and mobile devices of our beloved Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation. The problem is that they are dedicating themselves to other tasks such as shameful spectacle that they have been offering with the matter of the elections and allegations of possible irregularities in voting by mail. And the house without sweeping, of course … What a country, gentlemen! This is how our hair looks …

Well, when all this circus ends, the same thing occurs to some thinking mind that it would be nice to have an application in which to make inquiries and keep up to date with news, events, calendars and even offers for federated pilots. Italians have divided the app's menu into five different subgroups. One of news, the calendar, a history of consultation, the affiliate section and the strong point for the general public which is nothing more than a video section.

This last section is called Federmoto.TV and will include photos and videos of the most recent and important events that have taken place. Available to download from the App Store for free and for the iOS systems that include the iPhone, iPad terminals, and for the Android platform. Well nothing, my sincere congratulations to the Italian fans.

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