Andrea Dovizioso could have signed with Ducati
Andrea Dovizioso could have signed with Ducati

Based on what some Italian media say, Andrea Dovizioso could have already signed a contract with Ducati for the next two seasons. So the official Ducati team for the 2013 season will be made up of Andrea Dovizioso and Nicky Hayden. Two young drivers but with enough experience in the category. Although the Italian rider could have demanded some guarantee that Audi will put all the meat on the grill for the development of the bike. Since Andrea arrives with the poster of being a good tester and developer, a reputation that he has earned working for the Honda team, even when Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa were the “showcase” drivers for the official team.

And how did Andrea Dovizioso come to Ducati? Well it seems that its main supporter has been Vittoriano Guareschi, who was looking for a veteran rider in the category, who was fast and made few mistakes. Although it seems that the most important thing is that this pilot is "discreet" and not complaining in public about the brand. The icing on the cake seems to be that together with Andrea Dovizioso some of Casey Stoner's mechanics could end up at Ducati. Because the new kid with the golden wing, Marc Márquez, will bring his closest team of Meccans with him when he gets up from Moto2. Andrea may not win races next season, but for sure will put an extra as soon as he sees Valentino Rossi up close on the Yamaha.

Can we end the 2012 season and start the 2013?

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