Don't you know where to put your junk when you ride a motorcycle? The jacket-backpack can be your solution
Don't you know where to put your junk when you ride a motorcycle? The jacket-backpack can be your solution

I recognize it. I am a true backpacker when I go on a motorcycle, that is, it's hard to see me on top of her without carrying a backpack on my back where I put my meager belongings (keys, mobile phone, etc …). And this reaches an absurdity in which I even find myself strange when by some chance I go out without her. Well, some American boys seem to have found the solution to all my problems. It's about the jacket Alomar, Yes, friends, it has a built-in backpack and what is better, once removed it becomes a lady backpack where you can even store the helmet.

The truth is that a priori there is nothing to object to the idea. When we have the jacket on, just on the back we have a couple of pockets enough to store our little things, And it even fits a laptop without major problems, although I don't know if you'll be nailing it all the way, hehe. But yes, the jacket meets all the recommended requirements: it is light, has protections and is water resistant. But this is only the beginning…

Because as I was saying, once you arrive at your destination, the thing is over with carrying the helmet, the jacket … and we recognize that on more than one occasion it is a real nuisance. A) Yes, This Alomar becomes a spacious backpack where absolutely everything fits, leaving our hands free to do with them what we please. So the double advantage of this invention is clear.

However, there is a problem. And it is that these guys have not obtained the necessary financing to carry out their project as it deserves. Hence, they have come to crowdfunding, which is very fashionable and consists of seek such funding through donations from all those who believe in the idea. Thus, we can collaborate even with a dollar. Of course, if we scratch our pockets more we can later have discounts and even one of these Alomar directly when they are carried out.

And in case you still have any doubts, I am going to leave you with a video where its proud creators tell us about the benefits of this well-managed jacket-backpack. I already told you that it seems like a good idea, but it is true that there is something in the video that scares me, and that is at no time do we see how the jacket becomes a backpack and vice versa, which makes me think that perhaps it is not as fast and easy as here the friends promise. Judge for yourself …

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