FTR puts on sale the racing-client of Máverick Viñales' motorcycle
FTR puts on sale the racing-client of Máverick Viñales' motorcycle

If you are a young father of a family with a youngster of rising age at the controls of a small displacement competition motorcycle, I think you are in luck, as long as you have 48,000 euros in the bank, which is the price that the boys of FTR They have put racing-cient on the motorcycle (so to speak) that they put up for sale. Yes, just that motorcycle with which Máverick Viñales is fighting for the title of Moto3 World Championship.

The name of this expensive toy is FTR-Honda M312 and is already presented behind his back despite his young age with seven victories in the world cup. With a cover letter like this it is logical that FTR have decided that it is a good time to start make your investment profitable, that is the very bad thing.

FTR Moto2

Now seriously, you will need a little more than 48,000 euros, since that includes only the cycle part. If you want a motorcycle with which your kid can become the new Alzamora, you will have to pay 12,000 euros for the engine, 7,500 euros for the Dellorto system, suspensions and wheels 13,000 euros, 2,080 euros for the telemetry sensors and 1,250 for engine parts not included.. In addition, these prices are without VAT and without labor, so if you are interested in the complete pack you will have to pay 83,830 euros plus VAT. Chollazo!

I leave you with a small gallery below.

Thanks to Sergi for the hint.

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