Your motorcycle is stolen after having an accident
Your motorcycle is stolen after having an accident

What's worse than having an accident? I think there is nothing worse than having a motorcycle accident, it must be the years that are already taking their toll on me. But after reading this news on MCN, it turns out that an accident in addition to hitting your bones on the ground and dragging your beloved mount can end even worse. Have your motorcycle stolen with your whole nose while you are lying on the ground waiting for help. This is what happened to Glenn Hawkins when he suffered an accident in the center of the city of Bristol (UK).

Turns out Glenn was driving his Kawasaki ZX-6R through the streets of central Bristol. When he reached a traffic light that was green for him and red for pedestrians, a cyclist crossed him and caused him to fall. The fall resulted in a punctured lung, two broken ribs and a broken clavicle as well. Nothing happened to the cyclist beyond the fright. Meanwhile, a citizen wanted to help Glenn by removing his motorcycle from the middle of the road. What happens is that as the motorcycle had the keys on, this citizen started the motorcycle and rode on it.

Glenn's reaction was the usual when he asked about his motorcycle and received no response. According to Glenn himself he hopes that the one who stole the motorcycle ends up in the bed next to him in the hospital. The police are examining the security cameras in the area to see if they can identify the "exploited" who took the motorcycle. Please do not be too risque the comments, because we all think what that guy is who has stolen a motorcycle from a crashed biker.

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