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Vespa S 125 ie, test (characteristics and curiosities)
Vespa S 125 ie, test (characteristics and curiosities)

After two consecutive tests with hyper-exclusive motorcycles, it's time to descend from the Olympus of motorcycles to more earthly places and bring you the test of a more affordable motorcycle and why not say it, much more usable on a day-to-day basis. And as also in Gijón the Euroyeyé 2012, because there was no choice but to get acclimated and for this, nothing better than a Vespa S 125 ie.

Who does it remind you of? Indeed, to the mythical Vespa Primavera, and for this small details that inevitably makes us think of his grandmother: headlight and mirrors with square shapes, rounded nose at the bottom, open glove compartment, rubber protections for the feet both on the platform and on the bottom of the shield, etc …

Vespa S 125 ie, everything we knew but updated

Vespa S 125 ie

But although the Vespa S 125 ie take us to the past, it does but in a modern way. For example the propeller. It is the well-known single-cylinder four-stroke L.E.A.D.E.R. with 124cc catalyst and forced air cooling. This Vespa has even received an update this year and already has the new Piaggio 3V engine that promises better performance and lower consumption, although we have not yet been able to test it.

A few years ago, our colleague Héctor Ares tested the previous model that was powered by the old carburetion engine and having received new aesthetic updates and, above all, at the propeller level, we believed that it was necessary to bring it back to check its improvements..

Vespa S 125 ie

The maximum power of the Vespa S 125 ie it is a little over ten horsepower at 8,250 revolutions and its torque is a little less than 10 Nm. But we do not have to worry about the change because unlike the Vespa Primavera, in this we have a automatic clutch centrifugal with automatic CVT variator transmission.

The chassis consists of a sheet steel frame with soldier reinforcements. A solution that takes us back to the past and that is still perfectly valid today for the claims of this Vespa.

Vespa S 125 ie, the city turned into a handkerchief

Vespa S 125 ie

In this environment is where Vespa S 125 ie it has to unfold like a wasp in puddles (note the subtle play on words). His part of the cycle testifies to this with some small diameter wheels (11 inches in front and 10 in rear with 110/70 and 120/70 tires respectively) and a weight content of approximately 110 kg when empty.

On suspensions solutions are used relatively simple. At the front, the well-known single-arm with double-acting hydraulic monoshock and behind, a helical spring with 4-position adjustable preload supported by another double-acting hydraulic monoshock.

The brakes They're also simple, with a 200mm diameter front disc brake bitten by a single piston caliper and a 110mm mechanically actuated rear drum.

Vespa S 125 ie

The instrumentation it also has nothing to do with the rest of the Vespas. The frame, chromed in its entirety, is made up of two clocks. The largest in which we have the speedometer and a smaller one to indicate the fuel level. Just below we have a practical digital clock and the different indicators for lights, engine and injection system operation, reserve, etc.

Under the seat, which is accessed remotely from the contact, we have a space to store a full face helmet and access to the fuel tank. In its front part, a small hook allows us to carry another helmet just behind our legs. We have another hook on the shield and a double open glove compartment to leave a small object.

In the photos, you can see a chrome rear rack offered as option and that is included in this unit provided by Vespa Gijón.

Are you ready to face the Vespa S 125 ie the Lambretta LN 125 that we tested a few weeks ago? Yes? Well, pay attention that tomorrow we start.

To be continue…

We appreciate the collaboration of the Gota a Gota winery in Gijón for taking the photos.

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