Mulholland delight or the Ducati Desmosedici in the most famous corner of the net
Mulholland delight or the Ducati Desmosedici in the most famous corner of the net

It is one of the most famous curves on the net, there are even those who like to practice a bit of trial and mark some “zone” with their Yamaha R6 as we have seen recently on these pages. The video channel of which will become such an illustrious route, does not stop generating content. Like everything media and that becomes fashionable, there is no shortage of those who put the note of luxury and distinction as the pilot of a whole Ducati Desmosedici RR), the limited edition of the street MotoGP that Ducati made and which we are coincidentally publishing the contact details.

It's always good to remember this Ducati masterpiece, right? Who could have one! Well, going back to Mulholland Highway, I am not wrong much if I tell you that in the area where I live (Girona), and more specifically in the section that goes from Llagostera to Tossa de Mar, we have at least one pair of similar curves. Inside video below.

Inside video of the Mulholland HigwayOf course, do not think that we are going to start recording the parish on our roads, although there is more than one "phenomenon" on that route that I have crossed, worthy of being portrayed, but not precisely by the cameras of an amateur. As it should be, these videos have to make staff reflect And be clear that there are certain practices that should only be done on the circuit, although as the curve continues to become famous, the same will come to put on the video the label that of "shot under strict safety conditions."

And of course, in that position It is possible that some motorcycle brand will be offended for using their motorcycle models for "such feats." If I know what I mean … Anyway, I'll take the supermotard that appears in the video, it's the one I like the most.

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