Haynes manuals available online for the more handyman
Haynes manuals available online for the more handyman

You may never have heard of the Haynes publishing house, or know of its detailed mechanics manuals. But if yours are the "botches" on the motorcycle these Haynes Manuals They are as essential as a good set of tools to get your hands on your motorcycle. Of course, with the current mechanics in which electronics plays an increasingly important role, these manuals can end up being meaningless. What happens is that if the vehicles in your garage are "analog" this is the best.

Until very recently (autumn 2011) you could only buy the printed edition of these manuals, but since then and until today the models available online have been increasing. A) Yes you can download your PC or tablet to the garage to, following the steps indicated in the manual, make a valve adjustment, an oil change or simply change a cable. The manuals are in English, but with the images and a little idea you can do it yourself without problems. The price of accessing the manuals for a year is 28 pounds sterling (about 40 euros), while access for life only costs 33 pounds sterling (almost 50 euros).

You no longer have to call that know-it-all friend to ask how you loosen your motorcycle's oil filter cap. Or maybe yes, but now you will call him to explain what you just did.

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