The Bañeza Grand Prize is here
The Bañeza Grand Prize is here

More than 50 years have been disputed in the streets of Bañeza east spectacular Grand Prix where thousands of fans meet to watch races that will undoubtedly take you to another era. Therefore if the August 18 and 19 You do not have any commitment, I highly recommend that you go to La Bañeza as you will see some races in their purest form that will take a long time to erase from your memory.

But how? You still don't know what the Bañeza Grand Prix is. Do not worry that with the video that you can see below You will be so curious about the “magic” of Bañeza that you will not be able to resist the weekend of August 18 and 19 to travel to this town in León.

As every year we will be able to see in this urban layout running at 4-stroke classics, 2-stroke classics and the 125GP and Moto3. In addition, classic bicilíndricas will also be able to participate if the number of registered exceeds 15 motorcycles.

Also this year during the celebration of the 53rd City of La Bañeza Speed ​​Grand Prix, the traditional camping trip will be organized in the vicinity of the municipal sports center. This camping will be free, being available a voluntary registration at a price of € 5, for those who want to collaborate with the Grand Prize. This registration gives the right to use the showers enabled at the camping site and enjoy the municipal swimming pool.

What else do you want? Come closer it's worth it.

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