Max Biaggi Vs Richard Gere, or how Italian television spends them
Max Biaggi Vs Richard Gere, or how Italian television spends them

Personally I've never gotten the point of hidden camera shows, and lately they do nothing more than appear news about more or less famous people who react in an "unconventional" way and flush their public image down the toilet in a few seconds. That said, today I bring you a video in which the victim is nothing less than Max biaggi, the Roman emperor of motorcycles. Max is currently married to Eleonora Pedron, Mis Italia in 2002, and mother of the two sons of the Italian pilot.

And that is where the lords of a hidden camera program decided to attack the Italian star. For this, a double of the actor was sought Richard Gere and forced the situation in a restaurant in Monte Carlo (where the Italian pilot resides).

The situation is none other than The actor seems to be infatuated with the Italian pilot's wife. First he offers her a bottle of champagne (Dom Perignon, which is what 007 drinks) and when Eleonora approaches the table to thank him for the detail, the actor proposes to spend the night together in exchange for a million dollars. She throws the champagne in his face as Max stuns the scene from the next table. When she tells him about the proposal, Max decides to take action on the matter.

But the last straw is when the actor's female companion sits at the Biaggi table and tells them that if Eleonora apologizes she could earn two million dollars if you spend the night with the actor. The result, you can see it in the video below.

Luckily for Max Biaggi his reaction was not like what we saw on some circuits years ago. Because if the Biaggi of this "joke" becomes the Biaggi that competed in 500 I think things would have ended much worse. Let's hope that the example does not spread in Spain.

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