Original version: the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy
Original version: the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Normally, when we bring you a video, we do not hesitate to underline the quality of the montage, the music or the resolution at which it is offered. A whole post-production session of hours and hours of work that only see its fruits before the "likes" of the tens, hundreds or thousands of visitors. However, like good cinema, there are videos that earn a lot, a lot, when we leave them in the original version.

Although last month we left you the best slow motion shots taken during the last Tourist Trophy, today we are going to be as simple as possible. In the 2010 edition, a camera located in BarregarrowOne of the best areas on the Manx track, it helped us understand how little room for error TT drivers can afford. You only hear the breeze of the wind, trees moving and some innocent little birds about to take the scare of their lives - although I bet they are used to it.

To complete this session of the original version we also leave you the last video of the Martimotos channel on YouTube, also no add-ons, the Isle of Man with nothing to spoil it.

By the way, thanks to a friendly YouTube user, we know who almost all the drivers that appear are.

  • 0:27 John McGuinness
  • 0:36 Bruce Anstey
  • 0:39 Michael Dunlop?
  • 0:40 ?
  • 0:43 Ian Lougher
  • 0:54 Keith Love
  • 1:05 Adrian Archibald
  • 1:06 Carl Rennie
  • 1:08 Dan Kneen
  • 1:20 Michael Rutter
  • 1:20 Ian Hutchinson
  • 1:22 Ian Mackman
  • 1:22 Gary Johnson
  • 1:22 Guy Martin
  • 1:34 James Hillier
  • 1:35 Dan Stewart
  • 1:41 John Burrows
  • 1:43 Ryan Farquhar
  • 1:57 Oliver Linsdell
  • 2:03 Mark Buckley
  • 2:04 Derek Brien
  • 2:11 Ian Pattinson
  • 2:14 Conor Cummins
  • 2:23 Stephen Oates
  • 2:26 Davey Morgan
  • 4:09 Derek Brien
  • 4:11 Ian Pattinson
  • 4:17 Mark Buckley
  • 4:30 Dan Kneen
  • 4:35 Guy Martin

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