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Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings continue their way to MX1 and MX2 titles
Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings continue their way to MX1 and MX2 titles

With the heats of summer we arrive at the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic in Locket, and things still do not change much in the Motocross World Championship. The Italian of KTM, Antonio Cairoli, once again stands out with the victory of the two MX1 races disputed in Czech lands ahead of Christophe Pourcel and Clement Desalle.

On MX2, another with KTM, Jeffrey herlings continues to earn the title of world champion in each heat and a place in an official team for next year, crossing the checkered flag first in the two races of the weekend beating Tommy searchesle, second in contention, and an inspired Zachary osborne.

MX1: Antonio Cairoli continues with his compass pointing to the title

Cairoli locket

Colossal, we can only define thus Antonio Cairoli and his performance since landing in the premier class of the Motocross World Championship, but also this weekend he has made history by initiating his 50th win by winning the two rounds played in Locket. There are already a few for a discipline in which the slightest mistake takes you off the podium. You have to take your hat off to the flying Italian.

The first of the sleeves we could consider perfect, and because this is real life, that if it were not sure it would have made a Fatality. He started first, he stayed the whole sleeve first, managing the difference acquired and finally crossed the finish line with eight seconds ahead of the classified without the slightest disturbance. In the second round he had to fight more than necessary, coming out fourth and fighting to come back, but his Austrian mount led him rival by rival to cross first and expanding his overall advantage up to thirty points.

Christophe pourcel locket

Behind the almighty Cairoli, the fastest Frenchman on the mud fought to continue to retain his title options, and Christophe pourcel finally he took second place and 42 more good points for the championship, achieving a consistent second position in the first sleeve and a Third place highly valued for making a mistake at the end of the heat that cost him temporarily giving up third place to Max Nagl which he was later able to regain.

The second of the most quarrelsome Gauls, Clement Desalle He had a difficult weekend, especially in the qualifying sessions, but once he got into flour he forgot the problems and except for the complicated first round in which he started ninth and was able to go back to fourth place, it was not given at all bad, and a second place in the second of the races he lifted him to the third step of the podium.

clement desalle locket

Bad weekend for our representative Jonathan Barragan, which could not go beyond twenty-seventh put in the first sleeve and the sixteenth in the second, a seventeenth final that tastes very little for someone who should be fighting for much higher positions.

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