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2012 ANPA Cups Calendar
2012 ANPA Cups Calendar

We review with this article the calendar of drinks and tests of the National Association of Amateur Pilots, ANPA, which remain to be held during this year 2012. It is advisable to visit the ANPA website as there are still pending races. The bulk of the competitions is divided by geographical areas with the exception of the National Cup, which occupies the entire territory. Thus we have to dispute the Tenerife Cup, Levante Cup, Catalan Cup, Rodicar Center Cup and the South Cup.

Minimoto, mini scooter, scooter and miniGP They are, as a general rule, the categories that can be seen in this type of event, although they do not coincide in all the races that are held. To highlight the three-hour endurance race that was held on July 7 and 8 of this year at the FK1 Circuit in Valladolid. It was the Planteta Pit Bike International Resistance that we could consider as the top event on the calendar with the highest number of registrants. Rest of the 2012 calendar below:

ANPA card


  • National cup 5th round, 1-2 September 2012 FK1 Circuit Valladolid
  • National cup 6th round 17-18 November Finestrat Benidorm


  • Tenerife Cup tests without specifying track on September 30, October 28, November 25 and December 22.


  • Levante Cup 5th round September 16 Benicasim (Catalan Cup scoring).
  • Levante Cup 6th test November 17 and 18 Finestrat (National Cup scoring).


  • Catalan Cup 4th test September 15 and 16 Benicasim (Levante Cup scoring).
  • Catalan Cup 5th test date to be confirmed at the Circuit de Vic.
  • Catalan Cup 6th test date to be confirmed at the Menaguem Circuit


  • Rodicar Center Cup 4th test September 1 and 2 FK1 Valladolid.
  • Rodicar Center Cup 5th test September 22 and 23 San Juan, Ciudad Real.
  • Rodicar Center Cup 6th test October 6 and 7 Kotarr Burgos Circuit.


  • South Cup 5th test August 25 Campillos, M├ílaga (night test).
  • South Cup 6th test date to be confirmed at the Malaga Circuit.
  • South Cup 7th test date to be confirmed Seville inverse.

Very interesting options both to participate and if we are spectators. A very good place to watch races with all kinds of drivers, from the youngest homegrown players and promising players, to the experienced seniors who continue to wage war every weekend on the track. Calendar therefore, to consider.

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