Harley-Davidsons invade Gibraltar
Harley-Davidsons invade Gibraltar

Last Saturday, August 4, the 13th Great International Harlysta-Custom Cádiz-Gibraltar Route, that by its name we can already get an idea of ​​what it consists of. It is neither more nor less than a route that began in Cádiz to go to La Roca, which although sometimes has its little things, it is still a most curious place to visit. So this time, because I don't have a Harley or a custom one, I sneaked into Gibraltar to enjoy first-hand what was a beautiful biker party, which is what it was all about, after all, and witnessing a real invasion of the spirit Harley-Davidson.

Organized by the Harlista clubs on both sides of the border, the plan was more or less as follows: leave Cádiz at ten in the morning, and calmly reach the border at around twelve, by then Inside enjoy performances, dancing and most of all, Milwaukee's much iron. And at this point, You are going to allow me to recommend the gallery that accompanies this post, because I assure you that it is worth it, and not precisely because of the photographer (ahem), but rather because of everything I could see there: motorcycles in the purest Teutul style, a Harley whose previous owner was the singer of Aerosmith (Steven Tyler) or a Yamaha V-Max modified in such a way that I've been dreaming about it for a couple of nights. So come in and see …

Teutul style in Gibraltar

I have to remind you once again that I have a big problem, and that is that everything that is two wheels as I like it, I am that easy. So once I got to Casemates Square, I couldn't stop opening my mouth when I looked from one side to the other. But of course, there are always little things that already come off the table. This is the case of the motorcycle that you can see just above this paragraph, an authentic work of art made directly in a Gibraltar workshop, and I assure you that the photos do not do it justice, because seen in person it is absolutely incredible. The details it presents are innumerable, but If I have to keep one, it is with the headlight, that won me just seeing it. Fortunately, after this I have a pending visit to that sanctuary workshop, where its owner has invited me to see other gems like this one.

Cristina with her treasure

As for the motorcycle with the most history, or at least with the most curious history, which I'm not talking about antiquity, I have to mention this Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail how flirtatious she looks in the photo. It is, as I mentioned before, a Harley that was owned by the leader of Aerosmith, and that he gave to his wife in his day. Back in 1993 it cost him $ 45,000 (almost nothing). Then came the divorce, and after a few years being part of the collection of friend Steven, he decided to sell it, and we can already see where it has ended up, in the hands of the nice Cristina, that he did not stop taking pictures and giving explanations about his precious treasure.

Modified Yamaha V-Max

From the outset, the event was organized with an eye on Harley-Davidsons, but of course, after all, we are all united by the same passion for the world of two wheels, whether on your Harley, your sports car or your scooter, or even like me for many years, being a worthy biker without a motorcycle. The fact is that they were seen parading not only the Harleys or custom in general, but that you could see every type of motorcycle imaginable, from any segment, and that is there every living creature that was on two wheels was welcome. Here I have to name above the rest this impressive Yamaha V-Max, which left us all speechless. It was certainly one of the most photographed motorcycles of the event, How could it be otherwise.

In short, a great day where good vibes, good music and some gadgets worth seeing prevailed, and where even the air salutes carried out by the British Royal Guard were not lacking. Come on, seeing what I've seen I will repeat next year, and every time I see closer a thought that has always haunted me, and that is I'll finish my biker years riding on one of those Milwaukee irons and wearing my leather vest. Live to ride! Ride to live!

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